Our electric bumper car is an indispensable amusement facility in the amusement park. It has red, blue, green, and many other colors in various colors. The styles of organic cars, sports cars, and airplanes have attracted many customers of different ages. Disney is like to provide customers with higher quality and richer product catalogs. 


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What does our electric bumper car look like?

Seeing colorful bumper cars, have you ever wondered why the colors of bumper cars are always bright?


Because our bumper car material is in glass fiber-reinforced plastics coated with a layer of gel coat, which is a special resin. It is important that glass fiber can enhance the appearance of glass steel products. Therefore, the color of the grid bumper car is brighter. Our FRP material is about 5mm thick and comes from a mixed material of 196A epoxy resin and fiberglass.

Appearance design styles

Different appearance design styles of amusement outdoor electric carnival bumper cars can not only meet the user experience and the needs, but also help customers to identify vehicles. Some like racing cars, some like sports cars, some like airplanes. Different design styles, there will be different LED lights.


Different colors of amusement kids electric bumper cars can improve the use experience of tourists and meet the needs of different tourists, because different colors of bumper cars can also meet the needs of different tourists. In addition, it can also increase the visual effect, so that the bumper cars more eye-catching, so as to attract more tourists to participate in the game, increase tyour income.

Purple, for example, has a depressant effect on the motor, lymphatic and cardiac systems, maintains the balance of potassium in the body, and promotes peace and feelings of love and caring for others. Indigo can harmonize muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, affect vision, hearing and smell, and reduce the body’s sensitivity to pain. Therefore, when amusement park electric bumper car can stand in the customer’s point of view, for the sake of customers.

How does the electric bumper car operate?

As the name implies, it is a kind of amusement equipment that uses the ground to conduct electricity to promote the operation of the bumper car. The amusement electric outdoor bumper car is a new type of “ground grid bumper car”. It is the most popular and powerful at home and abroad.


The two electrodes of the power supply are on the floor. On the road, tourists drive by themselves, rush left, hit right, rub, touch. It is impossible to guard against it. Moreover, it is extremely exciting. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the ground grid bumper car should connect the floor. And it can directly connecte together through a conductive device. It doesn’t look very obvious, and it’s hard to recognize.


Ground grid bumper cars rides like battery bumper cars, can automatically set the time, the setting of this system. Moreover, you can completely finish the remote control. A remote control can control dozens of bumper cars in the field, when the time is up, the game operator to turn off the power. The speed of bumper cars amusement rides is usually very low. However, this kind of grid bumper cars, relatively speaking, the speed will be faster. However, because there is a layer of rubber tires around the children bumper carts, so even if the collision will not damage the online electric bumper car.

The ground is generally paved with steel plates, as the site of net bumper cars. Such a ground net bumper car plate can directly use the ordinary ground to conduct electricity to the bumper cars themselves.

How about the protective equipment of the ground grid bumper car?

The protective equipment of the ground grid bumper cart is an item that has to be mentioned. Those specially added equipment are to better protect the safety of passengers and avoid unnecessary damage.

Rubber Band

The edge of the amusement ground grid electric bumper car is equipped with a rubber ring. Moreover, its elasticity can just wash away the impact force generated when they collide, so that they can withstand the collision. This is actually the principle of “overcoming rigidity with softness”, because the elastic force of the rubber ring is a kind of “weak force”, while the impact force generated when the “bumper car” collides is a “strong force”. Their mutual hedging and erosion, It is the principle of “overcoming rigidity with softness”.

Of course, the rubber ring is only the external structure of the “bumper car”, and its internal structure is inelastic and very strong. The principle of “relaxing hardness and softness”. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it can ensure the safety of the people in the car. However, it prevent the car itself from being damaged due to collisions, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

Equipment of seats

One of our ground grid electric bumper cars can take one or two people. The seats of the electric bumper cart are made of leather and soft sponge. That are very soft, light and sound-absorbing. In addition, each seat will also be equipped with a seat belt. That will restrain and buffer the force generated by the impact to resolve the inertial force in the event of a collision, effectively reducing the incidence of danger.

steel frame

There will be a steel frame inside our electric amusement children bumper cars, which will not only strengthen the bumper cars, so that the bumper cars do not deformation, maintain its perfect posture, but also make the electric bumper cars rides more sturdy, anti-impact ability is stronger.

We have not only ground-mesh bumper cars, but also the latest fad of inflatable bumper cars on the water, and inflatable bumper cars that can be used on the floor as well as on the ice. There are battery bumper cars similar to the grid bumper cars. We also look forward to your choice of bumper car colors.