As you know, train ride is more attractive in design than an ordinary bus or car. Therefore, nowadays more and more people who run a business in public areas prefer investing in train amusement rides to ferry tourists, especially a trackless train for sale. As for a small trackless train for sale, it is a good choice for places like shopping mall, backyard, residential areas, party, or small amusement parks. As a professional train ride manufacturer, we design and produce small trackless trains in different themes for our customers.

Dinis Top 4 Hot-selling Small Trackless Trains for Sale in 2023

Target consumers of our small-size trains without rail are mainly children. So the train theme is tailored for children, such as cartoon and animals. And we also design trackless train rides in small size for adults. Which one do you want? Contact us and get a free product catalog.


Want to have an experience of sitting on an elephant?

Elephant Animal Kiddie Train Ride Trackless Electric Train for Sale

Elephant kiddie train for sale is a type of small train for sale produced by our company. For this design, we produce both trackless trains for sale and track train rides. As for an elephant small trackless train for sale, it has vivid animal designs. Its locomotive is a cartoon circus blue elephant made from quality FRP. As for the FRP, it is produced by our professional workers with more than ten years of experience. So our amusement trains for sale can be used longer. In addition to the locomotive, train cabins and decorations on the cabin are also FRP products. The decoration is available in different animals, including sika deer, monkey, cat, tiger, and so on.

Which animal do you want? Feel free to contact us. You can choose your favorite design. Additionally, we can add logo or decals to the train freely. Do you need this service? Please let us know.

Marine life

Want to have a journey with adorable dolphin?

Ocean-themed Electric Trackless Train Ride for Sale Used in Shopping Mall

In addition to small trackless train for sale with mainland animal design, we also design and produce train rides with marine life design, such as dolphin electric trackless train. All of its decorations are modeled after marine life. This type of trackless train has an adorable dolphin locomotive which is flanked by beautiful mermaids. As for the decorations, there are different types of sea lives, such as striped clown fish, mini octopuses, and baby sharks on the top of the cabins. Additionally, cabins are in the theme of sea. So you can see swim rings, sea grass, corals, small fish on the four sides of the cabin. It makes the train more lovely. When children sit on the train, they will have a happy journey in the sea world.

As a result, this kind of trackless sightseeing train ride is suitable for places like aquariums, shopping malls, parties. What’s more, although the marine life electric trackless train for sale is a kiddie train for sale, adults are also able to ride on it. So parents can accompany their kids and have a memorable experience together.

Unique design

Why are small rideable trains for sale most people’s choice?

Small Trackless Electric Ride on Train for Adults

Rideable train for sale is well-received by both investors and visitors. This kind of train ride has two significant features. On the one hand, it has a unique carriage design that is different from other train amusement rides. Passengers sit astride on the open-type carriages of the battery-operated ride on train like riding a horse. It makes passengers get closer to the ground and the surrounding scenery. Therefore people can get a memorable ride experience. On the other hand, due to the unique design, an electric ride on train is much smaller in size than other trackless trains for sale. Hence, it is suitable for any place indoors or outdoors, such as mall, backyard, etc.


How can antique train ride help your business attract more tourists?

Trackless Amusement Park Antique Train Ride with Steam Engine

Antique train ride, also known as vintage train ride, is one of our company’s hot-sale small trains for sale. This type of trackless train ride for sale in black and red simulates real-life vintage trains, which allows passengers to travel back in time. Besides, a standard set of antique amusement park train ride includes a coal-bucket cabin and several normal cabins. But if needed, we can change the color as your requirements for free and you can decide the collocation of cabins based on your needs. Furthermore, there is a chimney on the top of the train locomotive, of which non-polluting smoke can come out.

Overall, compared to a cartoon trackless train for kids, vintage amusement park trains for sale and ride on electric small trackless train for sale are more suitable for both children and adults.

Where Can You Use Our Small Trackless Train for Sale?

Actually, our small-size trackless sightseeing train is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places, such as shopping malls, amusement parks, fairs, parties, carnivals etc. If you add such a fun train to those places, there is no doubt that it can help your business attract more tourists.


Add a trackless train ride to your children’s amusement park

Customized Cartoon Peppa Pig Small Trackless Train for Amusement Park

A trackless train ride in small size is a good choice for children’s entertainment park or small amusement park. It serves as a sightseeing vehicle ferrying passengers from place to place, which can effectively shorten the time visiting the park. In addition, when the weather is hot, you can also enjoy the cool in the train. Furthermore, our small trackless train is powered by rechargeable batteries. It means our electric train ride is environmentally friendly and there is little noise during the operation. Therefore, an electric trackless train ride is the best choice for park as environmental awareness has been increasing in recent years.


Put a small kiddie train ride trackless train to your mall

Why is a small trackless train for the optimal choice for shopping malls? On the one hand, it does not take up a lot of space. On the other hand, there is no need to build track. After you receive our goods, simply connect the several carriages. And it is easy to do the work. Don’t worry about it. Under the operation of the driver, the train takes children of different ages to shuttle through the mall, which will catch the attention of passers-by. It means more and more families with the little ones would like to have a train ride. Furthermore, it’s a good way for parents to relax themselves.


Prepare a small-size trackless train for sale for your party

Kiddie Train for Sale for Party Trackless Clown Train Ride

Now you know that our small train for sale is not only a mall train for sale but also an amusement park trackless train. But do you believe that it also can be used at parties? Actually, all of our small-size trackless train rides are a type of party train for sale. Imagine how happy and surprised the kids will be when they see a kid party train at their birthday party! It must be an unforgettable experience for all of people at the party! By the way, a party train ride is also suitable for other activities and events. So don’t wonder if our trackless train for party is worth the investment. You can place the small train in a yard and use it anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, if you want, you can also make money by renting the kids party train for sale to other people.

Something You Should Know Before Choosing Dinis Small Trains for Sale

Our small-size trackless train sale has safety belts to protect passengers from the effects of inertial forces during the travel. Besides, to help passengers get on and off the train, we also add pedal platform to the side of cabin. Furthermore, if needed, we can provide you with safety net that is installed between adjacent cabins. The net functions as preventing children with poor safety awareness from staying between the cabins while the train is running, so as to avoid accidents.

Our trackless carnival train rides have many functions, including voice broadcast, bluetooth connectivity, simulated speaker sound, touch screen, loudspeaker, camera, and music. These functions can help you better manage the train and keep an eye on passengers. Do you have other requirements? You can tell us. As a manufacture, we will try our best to meet your needs.

Compared to diesel sightseeing train ride, electric trackless train for sale make less noise during the operation. Therefore, passengers can have a better ride experience. As for Dinis small trackless trains, all of them are powered by rechargeable maintenance-free batteries. Generally speaking, our fully charged electric train ride can run around 8-10 hours and it needs 6-10 hours to charge. And don’t worry if charging overnight will cause damage to the battery, as our train is equipped with automatic power off system. By the way, the battery capacity a train require may vary depending on the train type. Additionally, we can add lithium battery to the train if needed. Feel free to let us know your needs.

In short, we have designed and produced different types of small trackless trains for sale for adults and kiddies. Some train designs are children’s favorite, such as elephant kiddie train ride and dolphin small electric train, some train designs are well-received by people of all ages, such as electric ride on train and antique train ride with steam effect. These trains are suitable for parks, yards, roads, squares, shopping malls, entertainment parks, scenic spots, and other places. Want to know which type of train is the best choice for your business? Contact us and let us know your actual situation. Then we can give you professional advice.