Color is one of we design trackless trains should consideration. In addition, different themes, different festivals, and different sizes are all impact facts for your business. The richer the design, the more customers will be attracted.


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What kind of autonomy power do our trackless train rides have?

Different trackless train rides suitable for different tourist sites. Therefore, we will produce our trains in different power modes.

We, Dinis,  have electric trackless train rides and diesel trackless train rides. The electric trackless train ride is environment-friendly. Therefore, the electric trackless train ride is very optimal for the shopping mall.

In addition, diesel trackless train rides can provide more strong power for you. The strong power can take your passenger running on the water orbit or ramp. According to our professionals who have tested this training equipment, the maximum power of the diesel trackless train has reached 75 kilowatts per hour.

Therefore, if you would buy trackless train ride, please contact us freely at any time, may we can provide you some effective advice for you.

What difference between the adult trackless train and the children’s trackless train ride?

Different customer groups prefer different train design styles. For children, we often design our trackless train rides for different kinds of cute models. For example, elephant trackless train ride, clown trackless train ride, ocean trackless train ride, etc.

These cute trackless train rides more easily catch kids’ eyes and stimulate their expectations for these amusement rides.

However, some adults like to take on a trackless train ride with their family or their lovers. Therefore, we often design trackless train rides in a vintage style. A vintage trackless train ride can provide them with a bigger space to spend their time together.

In addition, if you would like to buy our trackless train ride, you can obtain the right to design the train’s color, the color-changing LED light, and even the main logo.

How about the festival trackless train ride?

The festival amusement trackless train ride will increase the festival atmosphere, and attract more consumers.

For Christmas Festival, we can provide your Christmas trackless train ride. We decorate our trackless train ride with Santa Claus and a red sika deer.

Sometimes, we will decorate our trackless train ride with some patterns that are related to Christmas Festival. For example, snowmen, Christmas trees, green socks, etc. In addition, you can design the color of train carriages to what you like.

How about the trackless train ride according to the number of seats?

We will design the trackless train ride to different sizes according to different seat numbers. For the one-seat train carriage, we usually design them with candy -theme, ant theme, etc. For two seats, we often them to clown-theme, airplane-theme, or Thomas-theme trackless train ride.

Besides, the most popular theme is the vintage trackless train ride. The larger capacity of this train car makes it ideal for scenic spots with heavy traffic.

No matter what kind of trackless train theme we provide to you, we can ensure its quality. We opt for the Q235 steel according to national standards. In addition, we make fiberglass-reinforced plastic with our professional skills worked. Moreover, if you have any need for our amusement trackless trains, please feel free to contact us.