Our amusement track train is very similar to the real version of the train ride. It is driven by rails laid on both sides of scenic roads, and train wheels and rails. The advantage of this kind of small train is that it can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents such as hitting people or crashing cars, and traffic congestion. Our track train has the same function as the trackless train. For example, English voice broadcast, Bluetooth connectivity, simulated speaker sound, air conditioning and heating at the front of the car, and LED color-changing light, touch screen, shouter, and camera. The material of the locomotive of our car is 5mm Glass Reinforced Plastic, and the whole body of the car is all steel. In addition, the whole car adopts automotive special paint, a professional baking point process.


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Why is amusement track trains increasingly popular?

The reason why the sightseeing train has a rapid speed in recent years. It is mainly that it has a high-quality, beautiful appearance, convenience and safe means of transportation. The small sightseeing amusement track train not only undertakes the passenger transport work of the scenic spot but also easily attracts the attention of tourists and friends with its colorful shape. To improve the consumption level of customers and increase the income of the business.

Transportation benefits

In terms of transportation, the sightseeing train for kids can effectively cooperate with other means of transportation, organize the traffic system of the scenic spot well, and skillfully realize the seamless connection between various scenic spots.

Furthermore, compared with the trackless train, the running mode of the track train is closer to the real train, and the track train has more coaches. In addition, the number of coaches can be customized according to your needs. And a large number of customers can earn you more money.

Benefits of a scenic spot

When planning a sightseeing amusement track train project in a scenic spot, the tourist landscape along the way is generally designed to be particularly rich and changeable. Taking a sightseeing train can allow tourists to see more scenic spots and enhance their sightseeing experience.

What is the autonomy of our amusement track train in motion?

Our Amusement Park track Train has two kinds of autonomy. One is a battery model track amusement train and the other is a diesel model track amusement train.

Battery track train

The batteries of the track train can be divided into lithium batteries and colloidal batteries. Generally, we use colloidal batteries. The best among them is the lithium battery. Ordinary batteries can make the small train run for about 8-9 hours, while the running time of lithium batteries is three times that of other batteries. In addition, it’s perfect for indoor use.

Diesel track train

Since the terrain of each scenic spot is different, and some even have steep hillsides, we also have small amusement track trains with diesel and batteries installed together the power the small train to run for a long time. Diesel rail trains can carry more people, and their power has reached 75 KW. Even when the fuel runs out, extra fuel can be added to keep the train running.

What sizes are amusement track trains available?

Our amusement track trains support customization. Regular styles are available in large, small, and medium sizes. Their materials and interior design and equipment are the same. There is a different in the size and the number of seats.

Since we support customization, you only need to provide us with your requirements, and we will also provide and produce the most suitable answer for you according to your requirements and our experience.

where are amusement track trains suitable for?

For those amusement sites that are relatively large, or where there are hillsides and tunnels, it is very suitable to use small track trains to solve traffic problems for customers. In addition, small track trains can also be used in places with a large flow of people, which can not only solve traffic problems for customers, but also promote customers’ re-consumption.

We can build the track of our track train on different terrains such as land orbit or water orbit. People can appreciate different landscapes as well.

We can ride these trains in some large-scale sightseeing scenery, such as flower seas, maple forests, desert agricultural landscapes, etc.

Moreover, it can achieve the effect of quick appreciation. However, it is slower to watch on foot than take our small amusement track train.

What impact the price of amusement track trains?

The price of the small train will be affected by many places. Such as size, interior decoration, number of coaches, and style etc.

  • The different sizes will impact the price of our amusement track trains. For our track trains, we have large, small, and medium sizes.
  • Different sizes will also make the price of the small train different. As it will be decided by the number of seats, the width of the track, the time spent in the production process, the consumption of materials, etc.
  • In addition, the number of carriages is different, which will also affect its price.

In addition, the way of our amusement track train operates will also affect the price of the train. We have diesel track trains, which prices are a little lower than battery ones. For electric ones, we have battery models, and different battery styles will also affect the price. the cost of these two batteries is different. Therefore, the lithium battery track trains are  more expensive than battery track trains.