A trackless train ride for sale in the UK is a typical paragon for you. This article will touch on some common concerns related to such rides, including the safety and intelligence features of the train. We will provide a brief overview of these features.


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Some carriage questions about our trackless train ride for the UK:

A comfortable and delicate train carriage can leave a lasting impression on them. Therefore, if you would like to purchase a high-quality amusement train, you will learn a lot from here. And you can have the chance to customize them freely.

Is your amusement train contains a wheelchair?

Absolutely! In order to ensure that everyone has the chance to appreciate the stunning surroundings, we can provide a wheelchair and even a carriage for it. We’ve had rich experience manufacturing this type of carriage for a previous customer as well.

In addition, incorporating wheelchair carriages on trackless train rides can appeal to a wider range of tourists, particularly those with special needs and their loved ones. This can not only increase the amusement park’s customer base but also enhance its standing and competitiveness.

Does the wheelchair carriage take away seating?

Certainly. The final two seats at the back of the carriage are removable. And they make it possible to lower the seat to accommodate a wheelchair.

The trackless train ride with a final wheelchair carriage serves a dual function. If wheelchair accessibility is required, the last two rows of seats in the carriage can be removed. On the other hand, if it is not necessary, you can use the carriage like regular seating.

Yes, indeed it does! Actually, this is the way to the ramp for wheelchairs, and it’s at the bottom of the train. And the ramp is equipped with non-slip material and safety chains on both sides for added security. To utilize the ramp, install it, and remove and store it away when it is no longer needed.

Yes, friend. Our train is fully equipped with various features like an audio system, LED lights, comfortable seats, an SD card, a megaphone for voice broadcasting, and monitoring, headlights, turn lights, ceiling lights, and synchronized four-wheel steering. Additionally, we prioritize safety and have installed fire extinguishers, windshield wipers, and emergency buttons for any unforeseen situations.

We offer rail trains without track in two styles: diesel and battery. We adjust the price of the battery version of the train according to the type of battery used. In addition, we can equip our battery trains with gel batteries or lithium batteries. The lithium battery has a usage time of approximately 8-10 hours, which is three times that of the colloidal battery. This makes it an excellent choice for scenic spots with high tourist traffic, as it ensures longer battery life during tours without the need for frequent charging, providing tourists with a better experience.

The users of our high-quality trackless train ride for sale in the UK give us a lot of good feedback. One of the most outstanding is that he sent us several photos of this train ride with his passengers. Besides, if you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.