Pirate Ship Amusement Park is a kind of popuar sale rides in our factory. Our pirate ship is a slight thrill ride. People always choose them in the playground many adventurous healthy people. However, the amusement equipment accidents in recent years have forced us to pay attention to whether its production materials are safe. And whether the customers who ride have mental or physical diseases. Furthermore, we also installed seat belts and pressure bars on the seats of the amusement park Corsair, as well as safety nets on both sides of the hull. Besides, there are various themes of pirate ships. You don’t have to worry about the color falling off or fading. Thanks to we have professional processing and pursue creating.


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What kind of crowd is our park pirate ship suitable for?

The fairground amusement park pirate ship ride is usually considered a large and very exciting amusement equipment. However, its excitement will not exceed the super exciting amusement equipment such as the big pendulum and the moon at high altitude. Generally, it is more suitable for adults who are a little older and have no physical or mental illness. It should be because the frequency of its shaking in the air is likely to bring discomfort to people. The psychological quality of children is not mature enough and the ability to bear pressure it is relatively small. Therefore, it is not recommended for children under the age of 13 to ride.

If passengers prefer new things, like freedom, excitement and adventure, then the fairground outdoor park pirate ship must be the amusement equipment he has to choose in the park. Even so, follow the instructions of the staff and maintain a good physical and mental state.

What is the quality of our park pirate ships ride?

The quality of Disney amusement kids Corsair ride is unquestionable. Regarding this aspect, I would like to describe it from three aspects: material selection, crack detection and painting process.

material selection

All the steels used in our amusement Corsair ride materials are selected with the international standard Q235 steel as the minimum standard. In addition, we use the same material as the car for painting. Therefore, don’t worry too much about fading and peeling paint.

crack detection

To place unnecessary trouble in the later stage, so of the production process, every need to detect the link will be by the quality assurance system strict inspection, such as the ultrasonic detection of the axle, the bubble detection of the weld, and the penetration detection of 304 stainless steel.

painting process

How about the safety equipment on our park pirate ships?

Our amusement fairground pirate ships in park have adequate security systems so that passengers can rest assured. For pirate ships safety equipment, we will take adequate safety measures both in the seats and around the hull.

Each seat  of our amusement ride will be equipped with our specially installed seat belts to escort passengers. In addition to seat belts, we will also install pressure bars for some large park pirate ships. Some are fully automatic and controlled by cylinders, and some are manual. After the passengers are ready, the staff will operate the manual plate by hand to let the pressure bars of the bar freely falls to the appropriate position according to the customer’s figure by inertia.

In addition, some of the entrances and exits of pirate ships are semi-closed railing doors, and some are doors formed by chains. For some small pirate ships, we will install safety nets on both sides of the hull. In a word, give enough passengers a sense of security.

What is the theme of our park pirate ship?

There are various themes of pirate ships. You can tell us what your ideal pirate ship looks like, as well as the color matching, and we will actively cooperate with you to customize it to your liking. If you have any other question for our amusement park pirate ship, please feel free to contact us.