Electric ride on train and track is a kind of entertainment equipment. Moreover, its convenience is very popular with everyone. Track electric train, we can not only use them in large farms, and playgrounds, but also in the backyard. And it will give a novel experience. However, in order to allow passengers to ride with confidence, we should pay more attention to the material quality of the track electric train.


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What main materials are used in our new electric riding rail trains?

We can mainly explain the material selection from two parts of our electric rail train.

Car cabin

The materials of the car cabin we chose for the car body are mainly glass fiber reinforced plastics, national standard steel, and soft cover seats. Why do we use FRP? What benefits you can learn on the internet? And our 5mm thick FRP comes from the glass fibers and our 196A type resins. They make our FRP material lightweight, high in strength, chemical corrosion resistance, and good electrical insulation. And they even can be keeping their color for a long time.

Therefore,  you can imagine the car body advantages of our electric ride-on amusement track trains. Furthermore, The inner steel frame that national standard steel can make it stronger.

I see our soft cover seats cannot be compared with the leather sofas at home, but they will not make customers feel tired in a short time. However, he may bring a sense of relaxation to the customers who have been walking for a long time to relieve their fatigue and bodies.

Track material

The track of our track train for kids material is also made of international standard steel, but you may ignore the material under the track. Because of the difference in size, the material of that part may also be different.

Four kinds of materials for the lower part of the track we can provide for you, namely preservative wood, plastic, and concrete. Different sleepers have different characteristics, but which one to choose in the end, you can communicate with us in private.

Benefits of our online electric & battery powered riding amusement track train

The benefits of our backyard electric & battery-riding track train can be expressed from many different parts, such as its electric machinery, and its positive character for people.

The reason why we choose electric & battery riding rail train

The electric track-riding train is a train without carriages, so the choice of the power mode of the train is very important. The traditional vintage feeling in the appearance of our online electric track riding train does not lose. Although it is electric autonomy of track rides on the train in motion, it still has a chimney. In addition, as a clean energy source, even without the protection of the compartment, it will not produce harmful gas and noises, which will harm the body of customers and destroy their good mood.

Additional design for the removable roof

The design of the roof can not only effectively prevent rain and ultraviolet light. Moreover, this kind of equipment that can not only enjoy the cool air, but also enjoy the scenery with a better mood can effectively enhance the experience of customers. This detachable roof can also be completely removed if you don’t need it.

Electric machinery

For the motor, we use special frequency conversion motors of Xinxiang, which is one of the advantages of Dinis products, because it can not only work for a long time, but we support customization, and the price is the same. If your country does not have any special requirements for electric machinery, then this is a good choice.

Hot sale electric riding amusement train with track ride in birthday party

Our hot sale electric track ride on train has been used in many places due to its convenient operation, such as large playgrounds, shopping malls, farms, flower seas, and backyards, etc. However, electric track ride trains are also a cool thing to use for birthday parties.

Low requirement for age

In addition, lower age limit requirement is one of its tracts. Customers with mobility over the age of three can ride. Furthermore, rail electric ride trains under the age of three can also ride as long as they are protected by guardians.

A convenient transport

If there are many people in the party, the electric riding rail train is undoubtedly a good choice. It can not only be a means of transportation for the party, but also bring benefits to people with limited mobility. And can help transport some inconvenient items and even a play item for party guests.

High safety

For young passengers, there is no need to worry about their safety. Because the height of our largest track electric ride train is only about half a meter. In addition, there are not only seat belts on the soft seat cushion of the car body, but also special designed pedals on its both sides.

Besides, our funny ride-on electric rail trains are not only easy to operate, but also have a convenient air brake system. As long as someone wants to get on and off the car, the chief engineer can stop at any time.

What theme can we provide for you of our cost-effective electric ride rail train?

Our electric rail trains currently have three theme styles. They are the theme of high-speed rail electric rail trains, traditional vintage them, and another antique-style electric rail trains.

Of course they are only different in shape and color. As the name suggests, cost-effective amusement electric high-speed rail trains are very similar in shape to the rail high-speed rail. In addition, the traditional vintage themed rail trains is similar in colour and shape to the theme another antique-style electric rail trains. However, they are different in size of their locomotive tank, because of the locomotive tank of our traditional vintage electric train is small in size, either is big size.

Even with different themes, due to the deviation of people’s hobbies, as well as different places of use. And applicable people, the colors of our track electric trains are variety. However, you can also tell us your idea. Therefore, if you have any other ideas in this regard you can contact us anytime.