Track train rides, as a kind of amusement facility, can bring a lot of convenience to customers as well as bring some new experiences. They can not only rest on the track train but also enjoy the scenery of the scenic spot from another light while touching the feeling of enjoying the scenery by train. In some foreign countries, we design track trains with different styles and themes according to customers’ age. However, some are children-themed track trains, we specially add them to attract guests to scenic spots. And we will specially customize some to increase the festive atmosphere and attract guests, such Christmas track trains at Christmas. Furthermore, you can drive our amusement ride rail train with lithium batteries or diesel. Please contact us freely if you have some ideas.


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What are the main categories of our online track trains ride?

There are four main categories of our track trains. They are track trains without compartments, fully open carriage doors, semi-enclosed carriage doors, fully-enclosed carriage doors and ride-on track trains without cabin. Furthermore, different types of track trains vary in size, capacity, and turning radius. their turning radius is greater than or equal to7/15/17 meters.

Track trains without compartments

Carriages without a roof, we have mainly coal bucket and animal-themed rail trains for children. They are fully-open carriages ride-on track trains, and old-fashioned rail trains. Moreover, the door of their carriages is semi-closed and the other is formed with a rope.

Coal buckets amusement rides, we specially modify and design them according to the carriages for transporting coal mines. Considering that some customers want to have this kind of experience, our company generally adds water and coal carriages to the front of other carriages and designs them in different styles.

Fully open compartments

Fully-open carriages ride-on-track trains, the open-riding carriage rail train has a relatively small passenger capacity. You can mainly use them in farms, scenic spots, and backyards. Riding cost-effective rail trains ride generally have 3/4 carriages. Each of which can only seat 5 people, and the height is about 0.65 meters each carriage has handrails, belts, and footrests.

Vintage track trains are designed after the original real trains. There are also two styles, mainly the fuel tank at the locomotive of the car have large and small in size. It has several parts the locomotive, a power compartment, and three compartments. And the height of the body is 2 meters.

Semi-enclosed compartments

Semi-enclosed track trains mainly have a roof made of steel or steel frame and glass fiber reinforced plastics. This kind of rail train is very common in shopping malls or some parks. The theme styles are varied, ranging from luxury to animal and antique.

Fully enclosed compartment

Fully enclosed tourist track trains are the closest to real trains representing a train with a steel frame with glass in the windows, and are generally used in scenic spots with relatively large venues, or seas of flowers and forests providing customers with an authentic experience.

There are three gauges of these track, 762mm, 900mm and 1435mm. The width of our fully enclosed carriage can reach 2.1 meters, the height can reach up to 3.05 meters, and his turning radius is greater than or equal to 20 meters, while the turning radius can reach more than 50m.

Moreover, semi-enclosed track trains generally can take 12/18 passengers in each carriage. And they might have three or four carriages with one coal bucket. The gauge is 406 mm, the width is 1.1 meters, and the height of the car body is 2 meters. This other side of the rail train generally can take 24 passengers in each carriage. And it has three or four carriages, the gauge is 600 mm, the width is 1.6 meters, and the height is 2.3 meters. There are also fully enclosed versions of rail trains of this size.

What is the autonomy of rail trains ride in motion?

Less than 96 seats

The autonomy in motion for small-sized rail trains, which passengers less than 96 seats, we mainly use lithium battery power, Because the lithium battery track train, is cleaner and will not emit harmful and odorous harmful gases and is more convenient to the track train amusement ride on and off. Furthermore, lithium batteries can run longer than battery-powered rail trains, and the battery life is relatively long.

However, considering that some customers’ budgets are not high, and some customers will not be very useful to buy a rail train, we will also choose the autonomy mode of dry batteries, which can save a lot of money for customers.

Greater or equal to a 96-seat track train

The autonomy in motion for small-sized rail trains, which passengers greater or equal to 96-seat track train. We mainly use lithium battery power or powered by diesel. The funny fun track train with more than 96 passengers in the carriage is very large.

And the gravity of the whole car reaches 12 tons, as it needs a lot of power to drive the train to run on the track. In addition, It has to be said that the noise of diesel rail trains will be a little louder than that of lithium battery rails.

However, its advantages will make you forget its disadvantages. The power mode of the diesel power combination can make the speed of the rail train faster. The speed is less than or equal to 7 kilometers per hour. In addition, it can effectively enhance the customer experience.

The power mode is a very important role for track trains, and it may be beneficial to choose diesel power mode for track trains with large size. If you have questions about the size of the train, the theme style, or the power mode, maybe we can provide you with more useful suggestions. So if you have any doubts about our track trains rides, please feel free to contact us.