Santa Train and Track, as a festival recreation facility, show its dreadful increasing trend in today’s society. Because he brings a lot of convenience to tourists. Our Santa track train imitates the automatic way of a real train but also has a graphic character of Santa Claus. Such as a red car body, green Christmas lights, and colorful decorations. The paint on the car is a professional baking paint process that has undergone three processing procedures, and it is of fiberglass texture. Its tires generally use vacuum tires, and there are also pneumatic tires. It also has many other devices such as wipers, windshields, firearms, emergency buttons, and so on. It also has many functions, such as a camera, voice broadcast, and Santa music. Of course, you can also share your idea.


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Why should you choose our Santa track train ride for kids?

Santa Claus has become the most beloved symbol and Christmas tradition of Christmas festival in foreign countries. The image of the jolly old elf who drives reindeer and pulls a sleigh full of toys and presents from door to door to deliver gifts to every child has remained in people’s memory. Therefore, the Christmas train has a special meaning for foreign visitors. Therefore, Choosing to ride the Christmas train not only increases the sense of festive atmosphere but also makes the holiday more memorable.

Our Santa track train children ride, its painting is made of high-quality Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics with bright color, which it is not easy to fade. Furthermore, the red and green color can make the train is perfect into the holiday atmosphere. Take the Christmas train for the holidays not only shows the importance of Christmas, but also inherit and promote these traditional holidays. Many families’ children and their parents usually do not have entertainment time together, and such a festive atmosphere and the ritual of riding the Christmas train provide the opportunity to communicate with each other and enhance the relationship between families. This is also a good way to resolve family conflicts.

What are the characteristics of our Santa Train and Track?

The small Santa track train rides breaks the image of the train in the traditional sense. They not only make a special unique design in shape, such as retro type, combined with various elements. Such as autonomy in motion can be divided into two types: diesel, battery and electric. etc., but in line with the characteristics of urban development.

Sightseeing trains do bring a lot of convenience, effectively reduce traffic problems, and also can realize the seamless connection between different scenic spots. Undertake the more characteristic transportation tools inside the tourist attractions, so that sightseeing tour people sit on it, faster to enjoy the scenery along the way, but also become a bright scenery.

In addition, our train can add special services for the inconvenient people. We also specially prepare wheelchair wagons for the disabled or inconvenient ones. And this kind of seats is detachable. Furthermore, in order to easy go on our trackless mall train for sale, we also installed removable ramp device made of steel plates to ride on.

How about the quality of our Santa track trains?

Regarding the quality of our Santa track trains, you can rest assured. We can understand that you have this consideration, after all, the quality of the recreation facilities is very significant for the future operation of the company, as well as later customer safety. And that’s something we take very seriously. Our small Santa track train amusement rides have a non-slip floor and wear-resistant aluminum pattern floor.

Its battery is equipped with a smart charger that automatically powers off when the battery energy is full and without compromising battery life. We use national standard steel to build the ground track. For the color part, we are using high-quality FRP. Do you know why we use FRP material? This kind of material can make the color still bright after being worn. Moreover, the polishing tool can reduce the risk of color differences. Furthermore, they provide products with higher tensile strength than steel or concrete. In addition, they will retain the same quality and color for an average of 60 years. And they are electrically and temperature insulated and have a high stiffness rating as well.

What is the layout of our Christmas track train?

The interior of our small Santa track train ride has detachable chairs specially designed for people with limited mobility, and there are also safety belts specially added to prevent accidents. Beside, in terms of the built-in of the small train. Our little train has air conditioning, cameras, and touch screens.

We also imitated the image of Santa Claus in appearance. Red train body, green Christmas, white snowflakes,  color changing lights and other decorations. The paint on our train is a professional baking paint process that has undergone three processing procedures, and it is of fiberglass texture.

Consider the appearance design of the small Santa track train ride. First of all, the carriages of the track train can be designed in different ways. And you can exchange the carriages. Change the style of the design. In addition, there are safety nets between the carriages.

what kind of autonomy in motion our Santa track train have?

At present, our hot selling Santa track trains autonomy in motion are electric and diesel. The batteries of our Santa electric track trains ride are also graded, lithium batteries and dry batteries. Generally, the battery life of ordinary batteries is 8-9 hours, while the battery life of lithium batteries is three times that of other batteries. Dry batteries are divided colloidal batteries and distilled water batteries.

You just to charge the lithium battery track train when it is out of power. Nowadays, with the progress of the times and the rapid development of technology, our small trains can also add solar panels while having batteries, so as to prevent the batteries from running out of power during use, and effectively dealing with unsolvable accidents occur such as forgetting to charge.

Our diesel Santa track train, as the name suggests, is to use the heat generated by diesel combustion to drive the movement of the train. In fact, in terms of function, it is no different from the electric track train. In addition, with the rapid development of technology, today’s diesel track trains can be combined with the automatic performance of batteries, and our track trains have become more and more perfect. Of course these can be decided by yourself.