The elephant trackless train rides have several outstanding features. People are constantly drawn to it because of its decorated appearance and customizable bright color. Additionally, you may be confident that we’ll give you high-quality goods. For the trains’ raw materials, we use premium steel and fiberglass.


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Are the color & decoration important to buy a trackless train ride?

Soft and harmonious color combinations can add to the mood. Therefore, for you, color matching is particularly important.

We took care to turn the classic elephant trackless train into a blue elephant head with a colorful hat.

The inside of the elephant’s ear is a warm and harmonious combination of pink and white.

Our Elephant trackless train can display stunning ornate style in the design and collocation of its carriages.

We decorate the top of each carriage with colorful sika deer models with different shapes and delicate faces, adding a unique visual charm. In addition, we take the colorful LED lights around the top of the carriages, like a flowing glow. The doors are fully open to provide convenience and comfort for passengers.

Besides, we decorate each carriage with cute animation patterns, which makes people love it. If you want to give the elephant trackless train to others as a gift, we can also change these patterns according to your request, and even add a personalized LOGO, to create a unique custom carriage.

How about the three materials for our trackless train ride?

The choice of materials for a trackless train is crucial for your interests directly. High-quality materials can provide customers with an excellent play experience. We pay special attention to the following aspects of material selection: FRP, steel, paint, and engine.

Its comfortable seats, intelligent voice broadcasting system, and quality music player complement each other, and will undoubtedly provide your customers with a more outstanding travel experience. From the comfort of your seat, take in the scenery, learn about your journey via a smart voice broadcasting system, or immerse yourself in carefully selected music, you will have an unparalleled sense of pleasure and enjoyment. If you would like to purchase a trackless train ride, please contact me freely.