Track Train for Toddlers is a small electric train that we design for children. It is a great toy for children to play with indoors or outdoors. The train is available in a variety of colors and you can customize the colors. Our high-quality materials have a variety of sleepers and have undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure the safety and health of children.


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What are the benefits of children’s rail trains?

The track train is not only cute in appearance and varied in theme, but also versatile in function. It has the function of forward, backward, left, and right turns, which can meet the different needs of children. We make adjustable speeds to avoid boredom or discomfort.

In addition, you can build a water orbit else or a track bridge. This kind of train track can effectively solve the problem that children want to see more scenery in the scenic area but don’t want to walk too much.

Furthermore, water train tracks can broaden children’s eyes, and then bolster their expectations to track trains.

What is the age requirement?

The seats are also adjustable for children of different ages. And children’s rail trains are equipped with safety belts and foot pedals at the entrance and exit of the trains, which ensure children’s safety when using the trains. In addition, the children get a unique experience by sitting on the train as if they were on a real train.

How to choose the sleepers of rail trains for toddlers?

The sleeper is a very important part for you, if you would like to buy track trains. Our sleepers are many kinds of materials. The tracks of ordinary small track trains are made of wood, plastic, concrete, and even steel material.

Happy Joy Electric Ride on Train with Tracks for Sale
Happy Joy Electric Ride on Train with Tracks for Sale

Happy Joy Electric Ride on Train with Tracks for Sale

Children can play indoors or outdoors, creating different ways to play. In addition, the train has also undergone rigorous safety tests to ensure the safety and health of children while playing. If you are looking for a kid-friendly electric track train ride, then our kids’ rail train ride is definitely a good choice.