Hot sale amusement park outdoor trackless train ride, as one of the recreation rides, has always been one of the favorite places for families and children. Recently, a new type of amusement ride, the outdoor hot sale amusement park trackless train ride, has gained popularity in amusement parks and has become one of the popular projects. This facility has unique characteristics that make visitors feel extremely excited and surprised.


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What are the features of our amusement park’s hot-selling trackless train ride?

  • The outdoor hot-selling trackless train in an amusement park is a kind of amusement facility based on the principle of the lithium and colloidal battery engine.
  • This type of train does not require tracks. It can be driven anywhere in the park, thus giving visitors more freedom to explore the entire amusement park.
  • The outdoor rail train without track consists of a locomotive and multiple carriages, each of which can accommodate multiple visitors.
  • There is also a driver on the locomotive who controls the speed and direction of the train.

How about the wheelchair of our trackless train prevailing in an amusement park?

A wheelchair is specially prepared for some inconvenient person who is disabled and moving limited. The seat of the wheelchair compartment can be adjusted flexibly. The interior of the carriage also has wheelchair access. Do you know how the wheelchair got into the car from the ground? Because we will install movable steel plates at the bottom of this type of carriage when the customer needs the steel plate directly from the bottom of the carriage to form a non-slip ramp that Q235 steel material, the customer’s wheelchair can go up the slope.

What are the advantages of our hot-selling trackless train ride in amusement park?

  •  This type of train runs relatively safe and stable and is very suitable for both young and old tourists.
  • The locomotive is powered by a lithium battery, which is very environmentally friendly.
  •  In the carriage, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of various attractions and facilities in the park, such as lazy rivers, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other rides. At the same time, the sound of the locomotive horn and music will also arouse the excitement of the tourists.

What are the functions of our hot sale amusement ride trackless train in the park?

The outdoor trackless train became a popular attraction, also thanks to its innovative and interactive nature. Visitors can choose to sit in the carriage or on the locomotive and enjoy a different experience. In addition, the locomotive English voice broadcast will introduce visitors to various attractions and facilities, so that visitors can learn more about the amusement park.

Overall, outdoor rail trains without trackless hot-selling rides are popular in amusement parks, both due to their innovative and interactive nature, as well as their safety and environmental friendliness. Both families and young people can experience different pleasures and surprises with this train. If you’ve ever wanted your amusement park to be a little more colorful, our trackless train might be the way to go.