Electric trackless train for sale is well-received by adults and children alike. It is prevailing in public areas such as amusement parks, farms, shopping malls, streets, parks, resorts, scenic spots, hotels, and so on. Additionally, some owners of backyards, gardens, farms, pastures also use electric trackless train rides in their domain area. Compared to a diesel track train ride, an electric trackless train is environmentally friendly, flexible, versatile and has a lower price. As a trackless train manufacturer, our company, Dinis produces battery-operated trackless trains in various designs and capacities. Additionally, we offer customizied service if needed. Here are the details on Dinis electric trackless train for sale for your reference.

Top 6 Hot-selling Trackless Train Ride in 2023

Trackless electric trains in our company consist of kiddie train rides and adult train rides. These trains vary in design, capacity and price. Therefore, people with different needs buy different types of train amusement ride. Do you already have a train design you want to buy? If yes, let us know so that we can give you an accurate quote. If not, here are the top 6 hot-selling electric train rides without track in 2023 for your reference.

Elephant kids train ride

Electric Trackless Elephant Kiddie Train

It is a type of electric trackless train for sale, specially designed for children. The kid train has a locomotive in the design of adorable elephant, which is capable of carrying 2 people. Besides, there are three normal cabins, each of which can hold 4 people. On the cabins you can see cute animals, such as deer, calf, squirrel, etc. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that both decorations and cabins of the elephant electric train for sale are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. This material features durability, easy maintenance, and anti-corrosion. In short, children really love this zoo animal train. We also have battery trackless train in dolphin theme. Contact us to get detailed info.

Where can you use our selling electric trackless train ride?

We have also been selling our electric trackless trains ride to all parts of the world for over twenty years. Such as, European, American, Spanish, Uzbek, and other places. Although the distance is long, we have solved the transportation problem. Do you know where our hot sale electric trackless trains are used?

Our electric trains without rail are increasingly in demand in some large shopping malls, birthday parties, scenic spots, or parks.

Furthermore, the use of electric trackless trains for playgrounds is not much limited. And whether it is indoors or outdoors, in small or large venues, you can use our electric trackless trains normally.

For the site of our electric trackless train, if you would like to purchase, you must provide the scale of the site. And other requests what you need, we will give you our design schemes and proposals. Moreover, you choose the one you are contentment.

What features does electric trackless train have?

We all know that there are many electric vehicles around us now, not only because of their relatively low cost, but  they are easy to use and have clean energy. In fact, our electric trackless train has the same characteristics as it.

Extremely practical

Battery-operated trackless train is pollution-free and very practical. It can carry people and also be used as a means of transportation. If it is a party occasion, the train is a great benefit for the elderly, children, or people with mobility problems. Because our trains not only have thoughtful electronics, safety equipment, and wheelchair cars, and do not produce harmful gases.

DIY benefits

Besides, the trackless train is not only a tool of transportation but also a scenic spot in its own right. In addition, You can also take pictures with the logo that you DIY in your favorite colors. Furthermore, the LED-changing lights at night will also enhance the atmosphere of scenic spots or parties and make the train more charming. Besides, we will provide you with various themes for you.

Using convenient

The electric trackless train ride not only can stop at any time but can also be turned off and started directly during the waiting process. And they can effectively reduce the energy loss in the process. In addition, electric trackless trains ride would reduce their fatigue and their burden, if they are tired during their tourist or they have a lot of articles should be helped.

How to buy our electric trackless trains ride in a cost-effective way ?

As the old sentence of our Chinese that you get what you pay for. we know that over cheep is not reasonable. If you want to buy high-quality and cheap products, you not only need to shop around, but also need to consider important factors such as the strength of the seller or the time of purchase.

Festivals impact

Secondly, some festivals have impact for products prices. I can not guarantee that we will offer you the lowest price for these products, but top cost-effective of the electric trackless trains ride you will be enjoyed. Or it would be owned in some special festival, which also will have some discount proved for you.


The last but most crucial that we sincerely hope to make a deal with you, so that we can provide more discounts to our regular customers later on. In the meantime, in order that we could have a long-term partnerships, and more customers, if you bring your friends, you and your friends will also enjoy our discount. We can give you after-sale guarantee. And the product installation package certificate.

Is an electric trackless train rideable to kids?

It must be stressed that all our electric trackless train rides are custom-made. We have lithium batteries and colloidal batteries. What I mean is that we could provide you with our electric trackless train ride according to your requests, whether for the child, or the adult. And we will provide you with a suitable size, such as the model that is suitable for the child, the adults, or the family.

Moreover, relevant protective measures of our selling electric trackless train rides and advice will also be provided. And then chosen by you eventually such as for the children, we will provide our electric trackless train rides with belts, and different animal or cartoon animal models for your choice.

Therefore, you could totally remove your doubts even about the models and their size, high, or safety completely.

What is the difference between electric trackless trains and electric tracks?

As visible to the naked eye, a rail train contains tracks, which is similar to a real train, however, our electric trackless train ride has no rail. Therefore, they can be respectively used on different terrain. For a place with terrain not plain enough, a battery trackless train ride is more suitable. It is free, It can be ridden anywhere it wants to go.

For a place with good terrain, and there is a proprietary track, effectively prevents traffic congestion.  And they will reduce traffic anxiety for customers.

Furthermore, rail trains can even build tracks on water, bringing customers a whole new experience.

The quality of our electric trackless trains can not only satisfy you, but you don’t have to worry about our after-sales service at all. Maybe you’re a little worried about us getting to know each other this way. But If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact me.