The amusement park trackless train with wheelchair carriages is one of our train’s features. The playground wheelchair compartment provides your consumers with the most convenient, safe, and comfortable amusement park trip. For example, the elderly, the physically handicapped, or children in need of care. In addition, our wheelchair carriages are made of high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic material and advanced design technology. They will ensure that your customers can enjoy the fun of the playground. So, what else do you know about the materials, equipment, and use of wheelchair cars on railless trains?


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Do you know how to use a wheelchair carriage?

To make it easier for people with mobility difficulties to get in and out of the wheelchair carriage, we have added new access at the rear of the carriage specially designed for wheelchairs.

Design of the wheelchair carriage

The movable steel plate is set under the floor of the carriage, which can be pulled out to form a ramp for the wheelchair to drive directly on board.

In addition, we also use a double-side door design, passengers need not special operation, just open the door can easily enter and exit the carriage. Of course, if you don’t need to use these doors, you can always close them.

Features of wheelchair carriages

Furthermore, the design of our amusement trackless train’s wheelchair carriage is very user-friendly. The soft and comfortable leather seats, which can provide you with the most comfortable ride experience. Moreover, the design of flexible seats, which can be adjusted according to different needs, and similar to the bus. Taking adjusting the height, the angle of the seat, and the position of the foot pedal for example.

How about the material and safety equipment of the wheelchair carriage?

The wheelchair carriage is mostly made of fiberglass steel, which has the advantages of being lightweight, high strength, chemical corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, electromagnetic wave transmission, shock absorption, and instantaneous high-temperature ablation resistance.

Are the trackless trains with wheelchair carriages commercially valuable?

Yes. Our playground wheelchair carriages also have a very high level of applicability and are likely to cause guests to spend a second time.

They can take the trackless train with a wheelchair to play with other items. For example, amusement pirate ship rides, bumper cars, carousels, and other activities in the amusement park, or bird watching, scenery watching, and other activities.

In addition, the operation of the carriage is simple. Because it requires no specialized skills, anyone can handle it easily.

All in all, our wheelchair carriages have a wide range of applicability. For example, you can use them for the elderly, the disabled, and children. In addition, We, Dinis, are famous for our material and after-sale services.  Therefore, we believe that you will be able to obtain our high-quality trackless trains with wheelchair carriages at the most competitive prices to provide a better service experience.