Bullet electric track trains rides are made by imitating the high-speed rail in reality. The head is small and the overall height is not high. Generally, a train like this has four passenger compartments, which can accommodate 18 people. Furthermore, the compartments are made of fiberglass. And we use the car is 45 cast steel to make the wheels. In addition, the paint on the car is the same green and environmentally friendly paint as the well-known brands. It does not have high age requirements for passengers and is suitable for people of all ages.


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What features of our electric bullet train have?

We divide our electric bullet rail trains into two design styles. One is an electric bullet train with a track that can be fully opened. The other is a semi-closed design style. Furthermore, It is more beautiful than the high-speed rail, because we will install LED color-changing lights in the car for a week.

The shape of the locomotive of our electric amusement children’s bullet rail ride train looks a little flat. And the appearance color of the whole car is also very similar to a high-speed rail. This shape allows customers to have a different experience of the high-speed rail. you can totally bring your passengers into another train world.

Our bullet electric rail train rides are highly resistant to dreadful temperatures and can operate normally even in places with minus 40 degrees. And you can use them below an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, the significantly terrible weather is inexorable for our electric bullet trains to work.

The energy of our electric amusement bullet train is extremely clean. The battery autonomy in motion doesn’t has harmful toxic fumes being emitted. Clear air, as we all know, is a beneficial for your tourists.

What functions does our rail bullet train ride have?

Although our electric bullet train has the same shape as the high-speed rail train, a great number of other amusement rides are contained by our electric bullet train. And its attractive appearance is not enough for a playground that wants to make it bigger and attract more players. Our electric bullet train also has many other functions.

The whistle and MP3 music player will inevitably be contained according to the language of your country, and the digital radio, fully electronically controlled digital adjustment function, 18 preset stations Automatic scanning and storage function and FM radio are also very complete. In addition, a table-customized train announcement system will also be installed for you.

If you think this is not enough, or the music you listen to is not in SD, then the Bluetooth connection function can help you solve this problem. It can connect to your mobile phone and play the music you want to listen to at will.

What age stage is our electric bullet train suitable for?

Tourists who take our bullet track trains don’t need to worry too much about age. Our electric rail trains are not only suitable for adults but also for children and the elderly. Each seat will have a seat belt. If the train is moving faster, the seat belt can not only maintain the same position in the inertial force generated when the train turns but also ensure that the body will not tilt left and right when the train has an accident. , to maintain the safety of the whole body.


In addition, our rail bullet trains come in different sizes, if your target customers are younger kids over the age of three, don’t worry, we have small-size electric bullet rail trains. If you are targeting adults or the elderly, then speed is important. For younger children, as they can not bear high motivation, the locomotive driver can adjust the train’s speed very slowly.


The speed of our train is also adjustable. Generally, adults like to stimulate a little exercise, you can adjust the speed of the train to a larger place. However, if you are an older person. you can adjust our bullet electric track train to a slower, uniform speed. Besides, they can take the old man to enjoy the scenery slowly else.


There is no need to worry about the damage caused by the inertia of the train when braking. We will not let the train stop immediately, but let it stop slowly with the activation of the electronic parking brake function when it needs to stop. The distance between vehicles will also be controlled within 7 meters.

What kind of materials are our rail ride trains made of?

You can discuss the material quality of our rail bullet trains from the front and compartment of the train, the paint, and the wheels.

locomotives and car body

The materials for the locomotives and car bodies of our track bullet trains are all 5 mm FRP. And our FRP comes from 196A unsaturated resin with better quality than 196C and glass fiber. The fiberglass of this material is tougher, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant than iron, and can maintain the color of the train for a longer period without letting it change color.


The body of our electric rail train adopts high-end special paint for famous brand cars. It is green and environmentally friendly, with high luster and bright colors. The whole body is relatively wear-resistant and durable and resistant to aging. Even children ride-on in a long time, it is no problem.

wheel axle

We use the national standard No. 45 steel for the wheel axle of the electric track bullet train. This steel is a kind of carbon structural steel. It is steel that is frequently used by foundry manufacturers when processing large castings. Compared with other steels, No. 45 steel has higher hardness than carburized and quenched steel, and the deformation after heat treatment is small, so it can be widely used in the processing of steel castings. The use of No. 45 steel to produce large steel castings can ensure the plasticity, toughness, and wear resistance of castings, improve the quality of steel castings, make castings obtain good mechanical properties in subsequent use, and prolong the service life of steel castings. Reduce scrap rate.

Regarding electric track trains, we not only have bullet trains, and antique electric track trains but also fully enclosed large track trains. If you want to buy amusement train facilities, please consult us.