The electric trackless train ride has an increasingly significant role in our daily recreation time. The viewing value of this train must not be overlooked. The value of their appearance must have different influences on different audiences. If you want to buy an electric trackless train, then you must have thought about its convenience and commercial value. So what do you know more about the difference between riding a rail battery and a diesel train?


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How about the appearance of our electric trackless train ride?

Different appearances of an electric trackless train ride can catch the attention of more people on different occasions, both visually and intuitively. Therefore, we design our trackless electric train in a variety of styles. Such as the online clown trackless train, the online Thomas trackless train, the luxury crown trackless train, and the classic retro trackless train with a chimney.

You should pay special attention to the appearance of the train for online products. In addition, as for color, as long as you order the product from us, you can make yourself the color of the train. Later, we can let you check whether the color of the train meets your expectations online.

We divide our trackless electric trains into those with no roof and those with a roof.  An open electric trackless train has a chain at the entrance and exit. In addition to those, our trackless trains also cover open, semi-enclosed, and fully enclosed design styles.

The entrance and exit of the semi-enclosed trackless electric train are made of glass steel doors. The fully enclosed trackless electric train is to add glass to the train based on the semi-enclosed trackless train so that the train is better closed.

Why do we use various themes of the trackless electric train on different occasions?

On different occasions, trackless electric train rides need to face different atmospheres and different audiences. They have different effects. Therefore, different train themes need to play different roles on different occasions, such as convenience or improving the occasion’s atmosphere.

Electric vs trackless diesel train

The battery packs we choose include lithium batteries and colloidal dry batteries. Of course, lithium-ion batteries last three times as long on a single charge as colloidal dry batteries. It is a very good choice for users with a large passenger flow. Battery-powered and diesel-powered trackless trains are increasingly crucial in today’s amusement programs. They can be used in different situations and have different uses. Do you know the difference between them?

Simple operation

Battery-pack rail trains are simple to operate, and drivers don’t need long training. In addition, this type of train only needs to turn on the power when starting to drive the train directly. It’s very simple to operate and it’s very similar to the automatic way a trolley works.

Moreover, this convenience effectively reduces the time guests have to wait for trains to start. Diesel trackless train rides, by contrast, waste time and fuel when switched off or restarted.

Clearer energy

The battery-powered trackless sightseeing train ride will not produce harmful gases and will not endanger the health of passengers. Diesel trackless trains, though powerful, emit gases that are harmful to human health.

In addition, they are not suitable for indoor use or for people who are strict about the environment.

What about the materials of our electric amusement trackless trains?

Good product quality is the basic thing a company needs to achieve stability. If a customer has an accident during the ride, it will leave an indelibly bad impression on the customer. At the same time, many negative effects will be generated after the exposure of such things, leading to more customers looking at each other because of such things, so as to lose more customers.

Our carriages are made of 5 mm glass fiber reinforced plastics from unsaturated polyester resin grade 196A FRP material and fiberglass. This kind of FRP is better than 196C FRP.

FRP’s advantages are being lightweight, having high strength, having more corrosion resistance than iron, having good electrical insulation, the transmission of electromagnetic waves, shock absorption, and instantaneous high-temperature ablation resistance.

Furthermore, the motor is a domestically famous brand of motor that glass fiber-reinforced plastics. In addition, our product abnormally fully supports return.

  • The selection of paint and steel frame will not let you down. It is done under the supervision of professional sprayers and in professional paint rooms.
  • Our paint materials are a famous brand of car paint. This paint will make the surface of the train smooth and wear-resistant, and they will not easily come off.
  • In addition, the steel frame is selected on the basis of the national standard Q235 steel, which is very safe and durable.

Whether you choose a battery rail train or a diesel rail train, comprehensive thinking is essential. After-sales service and transportation problems. If you see this article may wish to enter my website to see more, you will have more harvest. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.