The high-quality equipment of our trackless train will allow your customers to achieve trackless and boundless fun! There is some equipment commonly found in cars. Such as air conditioning, cameras, windshield wipers, etc. These high-quality materials and equipment of our amusement train rides are sure to give your customers a great experience.


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What smart equipment can our trackless trains have?

Our train rides incorporate the latest technological innovations in equipment and materials to provide a unique train ride experience. The well-designed vehicle structure, high-quality materials, and advanced operating system will surely ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

We equip our trackless train carriages with advanced equipment. For example, an English voice broadcasting system, simulated horn sound, convenient touch screen, and other intelligent features.

In addition, you can customize the content of your voice broadcast according to your personal needs. In addition, you can easily control a range of vehicle systems through smart screens.

The locomotive is equipped with advanced heating and cooling air conditioning system, and you can choose whether to add air conditioning facilities according to your personal wishes. In addition, cameras, as a necessary smart device for trains, are also indispensable.

Would you choose a safety net between carriages?

In our amusement trackless train ride equipment, we always take safety as our top priority. Moreover, safety nets can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents, and will not affect the enjoyment of customers. Therefore, we not only adopt the safety net as an important safety measure but also use a range of other superior safety equipment to ensure the safe enjoyment of visitors.

In addition to the safety net, we also use an advanced safety brake system – the air brake. Using the latest technology, the system is able to quickly and smoothly stop trains in case of emergency, ensuring that passengers can safely exit at all times.

In addition, we are equipped with a reliable emergency power outage device. The device can quickly cut off power when necessary to respond to emergencies and ensure the safety of passengers.

These devices detect and respond to fire risks in a timely manner, ensuring swift action in the event of an emergency and ensuring the safety of passengers.

We are specially equipped with high-efficiency wipers and high-quality windshields to ensure that even in inclement weather, passengers can still purchase and enjoy a smooth driving experience. Can quickly and evenly remove rain from the windshield, and maintain a good view. In light rain or downpour, the wipers work efficiently, giving drivers a clear view of the road ahead and ensuring safe driving.

How about its high-quality material?

In addition, our FRP materials are synthesized by our experienced professional workers. And it has an excellent performance in trackless trains and offers many advantages to passengers. Such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, and excellent insulation and heat insulation properties. This material will provide a reliable, safe, and comfortable taking experience in all conditions.

Our trackless train equipment is a good chance that a second purchase will increase your income while a customer rides the train and enjoys the view of the amusement park. So while you’re at it, we have a great deal for you! Seize this rare opportunity.