A cost-effective trackless train ride in the park is very good and basic news for buyers. Why are our trackless trains more favorable than other people’s trains? Because we are the source of the product, we do not need middlemen in the middle of our goods, reducing the price difference, even so, we will still ensure the quality of the product and the supervision strength. In addition, we also can provide various design styles for children or adults and trackless train functions. Whether it is a battery trolley train or a diesel train without a track, it will bring your visitors an unforgettable journey.


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Why is our trackless train cost-effective?

We make our amusement train ride without a track ride in person without a middleman. High-quality raw materials are our basic principle. And we always provide strictly supervise mechanisms and thoughtful after-sale for you at a cutting price.

No matter where your country is, we ship from the factory, and there will be no middlemen.  Therefore, we will show you our factory price. Even so, we will give you more discounts on some special festivals. For example, June 18 in China, May 18 in China, or Children’s show in China.

Superior raw materials and cost-effectiveness is our basic principle to yield products. We choose glass fiber-reinforced plastics to make the carriage of our trackless train normal. Our FRP material is about 5mm and comprises unsaturated polyester resin grade 196A and glass fiber. FRP is made of this grade of 196A resin, which has greater toughness and moisture resistance than 196C resin. And it’s harder and less prone to deformation keeping its longer lifespan.

In addition, Q235 steel is also our preferred steel material, which is the national standard for steel. We use a special frequency-variable motor produced in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China.

Strictly supervising mechanisms during the yield process is greatly significant. Strict supervision of the product production process can effectively reduce the accidents caused by the operation of our cutting-cost train without tracks. In addition, it can also leave a good impression on customers, thereby attracting more customers. Besides, any little sloppiness may cause the paint to have burrs, not smooth, or uneven color. Therefore, the whole car adopts special paint for automobiles, and professional paint masters participate in the whole process.

We will deliver your order through our professional transportation team as well. We will take full responsibility if any accident occurs during the equipment transportation. And even reship it for you. We will give you the installation drawings of the equipment as well as the accompanying video. If you still can’t install it, we can teach you online, or maintenance services, and even give you a new on.

Is a wide variety of design styles for the trackless train cost-effective?

We have children’s cost-effective trackless trains, which are specially designed by ourselves for children according to their preferences. There are also comfortable seats designed for more than one person, usually in an antique style, but there are also some special designs. The Crown trackless amusement kids train ride, for example, has a soldier ornament on the locomotive front, and some have LED lights added to the front.

Single child seat

The children’s trackless train is designed as a single seat because the single seat is very conducive to the safety of children in the process of driving. A seat, a seat belt, no fighting. Most of the children’s single trackless seats will be designed as animated animals, which will make the train very vivid and lovely, very eye-catching. Such as the most famous Thomas train, and the Christmas Santa train.

Seats more than two people

The carriage of tackless trains can sit more people. And it will get rid of the style of animal them but vintage-style trackless trains. In addition, there will be a soldier in military uniform standing at the very front of the Crown luxury trackless train as if surveying the road ahead for its occupants. May the price is what you are most worried about, but we will provide the most cost-effective price for you.

For the antique train we adapted it from the old train. Both diesel and electric trackless trains have smoking chimneys in the front. The carriages are relatively complete. You can buy the products you want at the best price from us. The carriages are semi-enclosed, fully enclosed, and open so you can buy them on demand.

What functions of our trackless train with factory price trackless train?

The trackless train has a freer route than the rail train, and it is convenient that no track is built. The trackless train is an all-ages ride at outdoor amusement venues, increasing the range of target passengers, so you don’t want to miss out. I’m sure you’ll get a better product for the same price from us.