The trackless kiddie train, as an amusement ride of Dinis for children, is becoming more and more prevailed. They can be designed to many different themes according to children’s love such as elephant theme, dolphin theme, and even clown and mermaid theme. You can use them indoors or outdoors as their high-quality materials that FRP and Q235 steel. Whether you use them in some tourist destination or birthday party, they are all better choices. Each car will have its safety equipment and electronics. The most important thing is that the children’s trackless train is convenient, low-cost, and suitable for indoor use. At the end of the article, I will give you some questions about our products.

What does the trackless children's train look like?

Our children’s trackless train is designed for children’s hobbies in appearance, and pays more attention to comfort and safety in the device.

Cartoon theme

As we all know, little ones are fascinated by cute things. Therefore, we will design our trackless train for children with an animal theme. This kind of theme will appeal to a great number of children and adults. Therefore, we have various amusement train themes that can create value for you. For example, elephant theme, dolphin and mermaid theme, Thomas theme, and clown theme.

Family themes 

Some family themes in Dinis can promote the relationship between family members by taking the train. Additionally,  each family member will know he is an indispensable role in the family. Furthermore, they can do some activities to promote relationships with each other. For example, they can take photos with these cute trains and appreciate beautiful landscapes together.


Safety is the first priority for passengers, especially children’s safety awareness is not so strong. Therefore, we fitted seat belts cameras, and shouter in every carriage. For cars without doors, we will also add safety chains at the entrances and exits to facilitate access and prevent accidents. In addition, a safety net can also be installed between the carriages.

In addition, we also installed some electronic equipment. To give children a sense of immersion when riding the train, we will install simulated speaker sound that simulates sound effects according to the shape of the train. English voice broadcast and music are also an can not neglect equipment. Moreover, we have air conditioning and heating at the front of the car, and touching screen. Moreover, you can also custom rain curtains.

Where is the trackless children's train used?

For children’s trackless trains, our company mainly produces van-type trackless train rides. This type of trackless train is relatively small in size and cute in design theme, mostly animal theme. Therefore, A cut kiddie train without a track in the park will become an eye-catching recreation facility. Parents can interact with their children, take them with them to rest on the sightseeing amusement train without track rides or take photos with these trains when they are tired. You can use them in various amusement venues such as parks, malls, tourist attractions, parties, etc. They can give you a sense of renewal.

In the park and tourist destination

In addition, taking the children’s trackless train in the park is an extremely convenient and safe way of transportation. Even on a holiday when there are too many people, these children can ride the trolley train outside and have fun without worrying about accidents caused by crowding.

In shopping mall and parties

Taking the Kiddie train without trackless in the shopping mall is fully cost-effective and environmentally friendly. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

Trackless trains for children in shopping malls can cut a lot of costs for you. You do not need to build large fields or tracks, thus saving the cost of building tracks, hiring workers, and buying sleepers. In addition, a trolley train can be used as an amusement item during a child’s birthday party to make a funny phenomenon. It can take the children to play around the venue, as well as transport the food or props needed for the party.

Furthermore, electric lithium battery children train without track does not produce harmful gases for human beings at all. It is beneficial for passengers and other consumers’ health in this kind of public. Moreover, it is a much better choice for someone who does not like the smell of diesel.

Several suspicions of the trackless children's train:

Our trackless train for kiddies has two kinds of autonomy. Ether is battery style or diesel style. You’d better use them in fine weather. However, if it rains a lot in your country and you want to use it outdoors, it’s best to choose a fully enclosed carriage.

Children’s amusement train without track we mainly produce small size trains, the smallest can take seven people, in addition to the medium size of the family version of the trackless train can take 24 people, 40 people or even 70 people, you can choose according to your needs if you want to know more, we can contact through the contact information.

Dinis is a company specializing in the production of amusement equipment, our products have been sold all over the country, we have our own cooperative transportation companies, our products are also widely praised during this period, you don’t have to worry about our products being models. During your understanding process, we will also send you our sample drawings, as well as the production process.

Our company’s sightseeing trains are divided into rail sightseeing trains, rail riding trains, and trackless sightseeing trains. Although they both belong to trains, they can be used in different situations and for different people. Their growth prospects have been on the rise, and they can bring significant business value. Of course, as a company specializing in the production of amusement equipment, how can only amusement equipment, we also have bumper cars, pirate ships, carousels, sky moon, and some other Internet celebrity amusement equipment, and stimulation equipment. If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact us.