Amusement Park Trackless Train comes from Dinis who is a amusement ride manufacturer. His products can be customized according to customer needs, whether the size, the color, or the theme of the products. The amusement park trackless train is one of its products. It can not only embellish parks but also attract more customers and provide convenience for customers. As a tool of amusement park applying to help people lose time off the walk. It will also save more time for customers, and relax. For example, if someone would like to appreciate the park scenery, or some parents with children much too tired, they can ride while resting.


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How to run your entertainment park with our trackless amusement train?

Excellent Product Quality

No matter what kind of company do you have, excellent quality is indispensable. On the contrary, poor park trackless train amusement rides quality will only leave a bad impression on customers. In addition, that will lead a fewer regular customers in the future riding our trackless trains with discouragement. Therefore, you should have to choose the right manufacturer with reliable company strength.

Reliable After-sale Services

Our company has been established for more than 20 years old, and our company’s products have gone abroad in a early time. There are a lot of feedback relevantly and some positive reviews shared on the website of our company’s products and reliable after-sale services. Therefore, the quality of our products is also the crucial part of our amusement park trackless train ride.

On what basis are our amusement trackless train ride priced?

You can not worry about the price that I would not say ours is the lowest in market average level basically. That is in line with the whole amusement park trackless train ride markets.

Quality and Cost

The quality problems of the amusement trackless train ride have occurred frequently in recent years. Meanwhile a series of serious consequences are unpredictable. Therefore, the quality and cost of reliable trackless train ride is a key factor affecting our product price, such as raw material, quality inspection, size, etc.

Market Price

Considering the quality and cost of our trackless trains, the stability of the market price of the product must also be maintained. Shopping around is a common phenomenon. However, blindly lowering prices will disrupt the market and make it impossible for our company to continue operating.

How importance the size of amusement park trains without rail?

There are several parts worth mentioning about the size of our amusement park trackless train ride. The size of your trackless train not only affects the comfort of your customers, but also your own interests.

Capacity of carriage

First, the most common question is whether it suits an adult or a child. Our trackless trains are usually two-seat, or three-seat, but there are also single-seat trains specially designed for children. Furthermore, I can frankly tell you that our amusement trackless train ride is providing custom-made, you offer your requests to us.

Seat Size Impact

the size of our online trackless train in the park will also impact the guests’ comfort. Such as, much too wide will make the guests push out of the entertainment park trackless trains ride when the brake happens. However, the guests, especially the child, ignore it. The child always lacks the awareness of safety or is much too narrow. Furthermore, They will force some people who want to sit together separately.

Occasion Impact

Trackless trains of different sizes also should pay attention to the choice of the park. Small-sized parks generally choose small trackless trains. If the trackless train you choose for your park is too large, it will not only become abrupt but affect the park’s beauty. The large trackless train is also likely to affect customers’ enjoyment of the scenery. But if you have no idea about the size of the trackless train you need, we will also give you our suggestions based on the design method you provide, and vice versa.

What are the autonomy of our park miniature trackless trains in motion?

The power source of our online trackless train in the amusement park is actually an extremely important part for customers to consider. There are mainly two driving methods for our amusement park train without rail.

Electric & Diesel

To provide a good amuse environment for everyone and to ensure the health of the guest and keep the air fresh, we have introduced electric models. However, to restore the authenticity of the train, to keep up with the development tendency, and to meet the needs of some people, we have also introduced a locomotive amusement park trackless train ride, as well.

As we all know, People’s preferences vary, thus you just told me what model of amusement park trackless train ride you want. we, our own factory, can customize it here.

How about the theme of our hot sale amusement park trackless trains?

Regarding this issue, to help you make a perfect decision, we will provide you with our product picture first, and then offer you our advice according to our sale experience, such as whether our amusement park trackless train ride is suitable for your park ground, Is it more African? Or are there more Egyptians? Are there more old people or more children? and so on. Furthermore, We could make the theme relevant to their country, or the tracts relevant to their country, or provide you with our amusement park trackless train ride with the theme of animals, flowers, or music for the old people.

The size and theme of our amusement trackless train rides that are harmonious with the park will not only bring convenience to customers, but also become a scenic line of the park to catch many children eyes. In addition, good product quality will not only reassure customers in terms of quality, but also its aesthetic feeling and service life can bring you more benefits. Therefore, please contact us for more product knowledge.