A trackless train ride, also known as a trackless train or a road train, is a popular attraction found in amusement parks, shopping centers, zoos, and other entertainment venues. The route of the trackless train is very flexible, no matter where you go at any time to specify the route. In addition, our trackless trains ride have a wide variety of design features to provide you with more choices. For example, for children, for the elderly, for adults, or for some special festival.


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What are the design features of our trackless train ride?

Trackless amusement train rides are designed to resemble miniature trains for children. And our train ride will have a locomotive at the front which is usually ornately decorated and resembles a traditional steam or diesel engine. And they often feature multiple carriages connected together, with each carriage accommodating passengers.

In addition, we can design them in terms of different populations. For children, we will design our high-quality trackless train ride in a cute style. Within our remarkable selection of amusement train rides, the elephant trackless train ride, the ocean trackless train ride, and the clown trackless train ride shine as prime examples of our immensely popular attractions, consistently captivating the interests of enthusiastic customers.

For adults or families, we design them to bigger sizes that are vintage sightseeing trackless train rides. For example fully closed trackless train rides, trackless train rides with semi-opened doors, and full-open vintage trackless train rides.

What is the power system of our trackless train rides?

Our trackless trains have electrical power and gasoline engines, depending on the model. They have their advantages separately in usage.

Electric train without a track

Our electric trains are generally quieter, more environmentally friendly, and suitable for indoor use, while diesel-powered trains provide more flexibility for outdoor operation. The electric trackless train ride is best for children and the elderly because it can provide them with a safe and stable environment.

Diesel trackless train

Our diesel trackless train ride can provide you with a more exciting experience. And diesel trains without track rides can provide you with higher speeds. Moreover, you can make your train run in water orbit or land orbit, which is perfect for adults.

All in all, no matter what kind of power mode the trackless train has, it can give you a different sense of play experience.

How about the steering and mobility system of our train ride with non-track?

The train is steered by a driver who controls the speed, direction, and braking. Trackless trains have wheels and are capable of making turns, navigating corners, and maneuvering through predefined routes, which can include roads, pathways, or designated areas.

Why will these train functions provide you with more commercial value?

The main reason is that when you lead the tourists to enjoy the scenery in the scenic spot, the scenic spots in the scenic spot will indirectly encourage the tourists to make a second consumption. And various scenic spots and facilities in the scenic area play a key role in guiding and inducing tourists to make additional consumption. 

These attractions may include specialty restaurants, souvenir shops, handicrafts markets, tourist souvenir stalls, and various entertainment activities. Therefore, I believe that this kind of behavior is likely to increase your tourists’ secondary consumption.

Furthermore, you can take the English voice broadcast system as a way of publicity. For example, let customers know more about the history of your venue or what other facilities are available through a voice announcement system. They can also give customers a preview of upcoming events at the park.

How about the carriage design for our trackless train ride?

We design our amusement rides to different sizes with various themes for you. The elephant trackless train ride, dolphin with mermaids theme, and clown theme trackless train ride are our hot sale amusement train rides for children. In addition, we will design their carriages to relative styles.

What is the equipment for our train ride without a track?

Trackless train rides prioritize passenger safety. In addition, there is some other equipment for their best tourist experience.

Safety equipment

They often have seat belts to secure passengers during the ride. Additionally, we have a safety net between carriages, fire extinguishers, and panic buttons within the train, and even windshields, wipers on the train locomotive, etc. In addition, the main materials of our trackless train rides are FRP and Q235 steel.

Audio System

Many trackless amusement train rides are equipped with audio systems that provide narration or music during the ride. Furthermore, This enhances the experience for passengers by providing information, storytelling, or creating a lively atmosphere.

Besides, there is some smart equipment. For example, camera, shouter and even support Bluetooth connectivity.

Customizability train themes and decorations are suits for you?

You can use the theme of our trackless train rides for different settings or events. They may feature colorful paintwork, decorative elements, and themed characters to create an engaging and immersive experience.

Trackless train rides offer customization for you. We can design them with specific themes, colors, and branding to align with the overall ambiance or marketing objectives of the venue. Therefore, you can customize your train with various patterns, colors, and logos and even add your phone number to that.

It will be a great choice. Whether you want to make our trackless train a holiday treat for your customers or give it to your friends and family as a special gift,

It’s important to note the specific features and capabilities of your trackless train rides. And, they can vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and the operator’s preferences. Our trackless trains are like a diverse world. In addition, we can provide you with a wide variety of train types and are well equipped. Although we are far apart on the map, it will bring us closer with the most heartwarming services. If you want to buy our trackless trains, please feel free to contact me.