The antique trackless children’s train is welcomed by more and more families in recent years. Our trackless antique children’s train equipment has a variety of different styles of cars. Each car has been carefully designed and crafted, from the color, body size, and number of cars to the LED lights on board. Moreover, every detail is designed to create a unique experience. In addition, we also provide customers with a self-controlled voice broadcast system to meet different occasions and needs. These customized features will increase your revenue infinitely, making your trackless children’s train more competitive in the market.


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How about the color and their appearance?

Our antique trackless children’s train ride comes in so many different shapes and colors. And it feels like a trip back in time to a 19th-century town. In addition, the whole train consists of a number of elaborately made cars.

Various style

No matter what style you want, you can find it in our product line. For example, some are red trains with traditional designs, while others are romantic pink cabins. Its appearance is made under the supervision of our professional technicians.

In addition, the quality of our products is impeccable. Every train has passed strict quality inspection to ensure safety and reliability.

Specifically designed for children

We also have train locomotives designed specifically for children. For example, a blue elephant cartoon head, Sika deer top decoration, and an anime clown locomotive to name a few. And we have also prepared many classic characters, which are very popular among children, to let children’s imaginations run wild.

Moreover, we are committed to creating a world full of imagination, fun, and diversity for children. Thus they can fully show their unique personalities in the fun journey.

Why the quality of our trackless train is important?

The high-quality trains can give you and your customers a better experience. Our antique trackless children’s train is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very comfortable inside facilities. Each car is equipped with soft upholstery and a comfortable recliner for you and your children to sit inside and enjoy a quiet and comfortable travel experience.

The compartments of our trackless train are crafted from high-quality 196A resin and glass filament. Every mold-making process is hand-built by experienced craftsmen, ensuring that every train car has meticulous quality and precision manufacturing process.

In addition, our paint is a certain brand of car paint, with high wear resistance and durability, so you don’t have to worry about color will fade. We firmly believe that only in this way can our trackless children’s trains show a more beautiful and durable appearance.

What are the functions of our children’s trackless trains?

Our children’s vintage trackless trains are rich and versatile. We equip our train carriages with English voice announcements, a loudspeaker, Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, sound effects, and English music. And we equip the compartment with air conditioning, a touchable smart screen, and a camera function, etc.

In addition, our simulated horn sound effects can make consumers an immersive experience of the scenic spot introduction. You can change them according to the occasion you use and even interspersed with scenic spot characteristics introduction.

In addition, you can decorate each carriage with some engaging toys for children, such as children’s books and educational toys, so that children will have a nice amusement time. During our Tours, customers and their children can get a taste of the diverse range of cultural experiences brought by different carriage themes. For example, we decorate some train carriages with traditional cultural patterns, so that children can understand the charm of traditional Chinese culture; In addition, some wagons are romantic with a Western atmosphere, which can let children feel the charm of Western culture. The design of this themed luxury car can allow them to experience different cultures around the world with the toys.

Where can our children’s trackless train be used?

Our trains are ideal for all kinds of occasions, be it family gatherings, birthday parties, children’s play areas, kindergartens, or business events. Children can play and enjoy the scenery on the train. They can also ride with friends and enjoy an unforgettable time. While accompanying their children, parents also recorded beautiful moments for them to relax. One more chance to spend some memorable time with the kids.

Taking our children’s trackless trains around the scenic areas allows them to fully explore, experience, and enjoy the unique charm of each site. Not only that, children can better appreciate the unique culture and landscape of the scenic spot during the play, so as to make contributions to the publicity and promotion of the scenic spot.

In addition, it also brings more substantial benefits for your scenic spot, so that the development of the scenic spot is more healthy and sustainable. We also hope that through our children’s vintage trackless train, children can build a closer connection with the scenic area and create a better future.

How about our after-sales service?

Our sales service not only provides the train itself but also includes impeccable after-sales service.

If you encounter any problems in the use of the process, we will be time to resolve them. In addition, our products are priced reasonably, so that you enjoy the fun at the same time will not be excessive consumption of financial resources.

Besides, our trains come with a three-year warranty service and a 24-hour service hotline. Once you have a problem with your equipment, we will solve it immediately.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a children’s train suitable for children to play, then our antique trackless children’s train is unequivocally your optimal choice. And you will receive very satisfactory goods at the best price from us. Furthermore, we will serve you wholeheartedly, if you have the intention to buy a children’s trackless train, then please contact us as soon as possible. Look forward to your inquiry.