The Indoor Electric Kiddie Train is an increasingly prevailing topic in amusement rides. They can bring a great number of commercial value to consumers, and as a way of entertainment to bring happiness to more people. Our trackless train or rail train have batteries-powered and diesel-powered. Their theme is not only the simple style of antique but also the train with a creative theme. These themes mostly come from life. Do you understand all these characteristics?


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Why do we say indoor trackless trains are important?

Because the indoor trackless train can be used as a publicity channel, so as to bring a lot of commercial value to the shopping mall.

Used for advertising

If you would like to purchase our trackless indoor kiddie train ride, you will get more chances for your advertising. The train carriage will be the best place to show your goods. For example, make your products into a delicate picture and stick them on the side of the inside of your train. And the trackless trains don’t take up much mall space. In addition, when a mall is planning an event, the in-carriage English voice broadcast system may be another channel for publicity.

What else do you know about Track &trackless kiddie trains?

Both rail trains and trackless trains have many advantages, so there are some obvious changes in where they are used.

Track indoor kids train

Our train for kids has two kinds of train that are trackless trains and trackless trains. People use track to train in the playground usually to ride by children and it takes up a little space as an amusement ride. Usually, this kind of track train will drive under the atmosphere of children’s songs that are English music. In addition, there is no ceiling, and each car is made up of cute cartoon characters, seating one or two people.

trackless kiddie train

The trackless train mustn’t need to build a track. A trackless train can take passengers along a planned route, which is freer. If there is a new shop, the train can be rerouted immediately. Our indoor kiddie trackless train ride has various themes.

Is our indoor train diesel-powered or battery-powered?

The most hot-sale indoor train is battery powered train for children. But we have two kinds of battery. Apart from the maintenance-free colloid dry battery and water battery, another type is the lithium battery. Lithium-ion batteries last eight to 10 hours, three times longer than regular batteries. Fewer consumers choose diesel as an indoor train because of the power of the 75kw diesel train, which is ideal for outdoor use because it has more power.

Indoor trains do not need to worry about climate change and buy a train with or without a roof. In addition, there is no age limit on the train, and it is perfectly acceptable for even those with medical difficulties to ride. If you have any more questions, please contact me in time.