The electric rail train ride is one of the most popular amusement products at present. Quality, safety, price, and function are the most concerned points when buying an amusement train. But do you really know about the material? In addition, track, and safety regulations are also very noteworthy angles.


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How about the electric track train quality?

The quality of the amusement rail train will affect the appearance of the train and its service life. Therefore, buying a good-quality track train will definitely bring you more long-term use value.

The materials are mainly FRP and steel. We select steel based on national standards, so you can rest assured. In addition, our FRP material is a synthetic material of 196A resin and glass fiber. The reason why we choose 196A instead of 196C is that the FRP made of our amusement track train is harder, durable, high temperature resistant, and anti-static. If you choose 196C, the carriage is likely to be deformed after one or two years of use, which is a fatal problem for the appearance of the train. What’s more serious is that customers will lose interest in your train, which will affect your interest.

What do you know about the sleeper of the track train?

In fact, different occasions have certain emphasis on the choice of track materials. It is likely to affect the aesthetics of your entertainment venue, and it is likely to save you some money. As for the material of the track, the most popular materials here are concrete, anti-corrosion wood, steel, or plastic.

If you want to buy a large-size track train ride with more than 60 people, and you want the track train ride to run in the forest or on the water, then we suggest you use cement and steel as sleepers. Because this kind of track material is the hardest, and if there is water or a hillside, the track can be built into a bridge style.

If you want to buy a small or medium-sized track train with less than 60 people, and you want to be able to move, then I think anti-corrosion wood or plastic tracks will be very suitable for you. These two materials are light in weight and easy to transport. These two materials are perfect for you if your trains change places frequently.

What is your country’s demand for imported products?

The power source of our rail trains is not only diesel but also batteries. But in fact, some countries are very strict on the import and export of batteries. Some countries don’t even allow imports. The same goes for generators.

The country’s requirements for product import and export are also extremely important to you. Some countries have very strict controls on batteries. Some countries have very strict requirements for generators. If you want to buy products abroad, you must understand these things in advance, and even find a solution in advance.

The quality of amusement equipment purchased from abroad is the key. In addition to the quality of the train, the theme of the train and your requirements for the track also need to be combined. More importantly, you also need to know more about the requirements for import and export of products, so as to prevent unnecessary troubles during transportation. If you want to buy amusement trains, Dinis will definitely provide you with satisfactory products.