Indoor trains for the mall as a new way to shop are increasingly prevailing an amusement ride in a shopping mall. Its varied themes, convenience, and commercial value is one reason for its continued popularity. The old man does not have to worry about walking too much, and at the same time, it can become a billboard for the mobility of the mall. Therefore, this kind of trend is hard to stop.


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A new perspective to experience shopping

If you are looking for a new shopping experience, then we recommend the mall’s indoor trackless train for you! The indoor trackless train in the mall is a unique way to shop. This kind of train usually has four carriages, which will make your guests feel relaxed and pleasant shopping experience. In addition, your guests will not have to push and shove in the crowded mall by taking the train to all corners of the mall, through the train windows you can enjoy a variety of exquisite products. You can relax in the carriage, enjoy the beautiful view of the mall, and enjoy shopping with your family or friends.

A new type of shopping mall entertainment

Mall indoor train is not only a way of shopping but also a way of leisure and entertainment. The indoor mall train usually takes about two people, so customers can chat in the carriages, take selfies or take pictures of the mall and share their shopping experiences. Mall indoor trains offer a rare opportunity for customers to relax while shopping.

In addition, we will equip each train with transformed LED lights, which greatly enhance the atmosphere of the mall. The mall LOGO added to the train is not inevitable for the mall to do publicity.

So convenient a way to shop!

Mall indoor trains are for people of all ages. For the elderly, taking the mall indoor train allows them to tour the entire mall without much effort. For children, the mall indoor train is a novel experience and makes them more willing to participate in shopping. Meanwhile, the indoor train in the mall also provides barrier-free access for people with mobility difficulties.

What is the commercial value of using a train indoors in a mall?

The mall indoor train is an innovative way to shop and can provide you with an unusual shopping experience. The indoor mall train without a roof does not need to take into account changes in the weather, and passengers can experience it whenever they want, regardless of whether the train is covered or not. If you want to try something new, the mall indoor train is worth a try!