The diesel trackless train was modeled after the real old train. After a series of modifications on the basis of the old trains, the appearance became more attractive. We can use them in different venues for different appearances. And the diesel trackless train has a powerful power of 75 KW, 25 km per hour. And you do need not worry about passenger capacity. In addition, if you want to buy a diesel trackless train, you should consider the price of the train. For example, its quality, whether there will be discounts during holidays, how many carriages are needed, whether it is within the budget range. And whether you need a rail train or not.


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Where you can use our trackless diesel train?

You can use diesel trains without track rides in mountain scenic spots, forest parks, waterside amusement parks, and rural tourist areas with large passenger flow volumes, larger spaces, or flat areas.

Diesel trackless trains’ autonomy in motion is powered by diesel oil, which generates more power than electric batteries. Therefore, this kind of trackless train is more suitable for the bigger-size trackless trains with more passengers. Moreover, you can use them in various outdoor sites that often have plenty of visitors. For example, some famous tourist destinations, farmland, and even resort area.

In addition, some diesel trackless trains have imitated the old-fashioned trains, which are hot in tourist destinations. Even if it will produce harmful gases, the power mode of diesel is stronger and faster. You usually use diesel trackless trains outside because their high power is awfully suitable for large venues with lots of passengers outside.

How much does a diesel train without track cost?

A diesel train ride without a track has various design styles and themes. Therefore, their price will change according to these. In order to gain more fans we would adjust the price of our equipment for some special festivals such as Christmas, Jun 18th., Child Festival, and so on.

Trackless vs track diesel trains in different sites

The biggest difference between a trackless diesel train and a rail diesel train is the difference in track, and beyond that is the difference in cost price.

Track diesel train

Rail diesel trains are what we usually see in real life. Not only do trains have to run on rails, but one track can merely carry trains of the same size. If we want to add trains of any other sizes in the park we have to build tracks. In addition, rail diesel trains have a very simple route, only on the track, and off the track cannot continue. If you would like to stop during the train working, you have a slim chance to finish your aspiration.

Moreover, constructing a track for your diesel rail train is an inevitable thing. In addition to having a large site, we have to buy track materials and hire workers to repair the track. In addition, the road can maintain for a longer time. Therefore, rail train is only suitable for a larger scenic area and a very ideal choice for uneven road.

Trackless diesel train

The advantage of having no track of an outdoor diesel trackless train is that you can plan your route at will. Their route is more flexible. If there is an unexpected situation in the middle the guests can also temporarily change the route. In addition, trackless diesel trains can share the road with pedestrians or other vehicles, eliminating the need for track repair.

It’s easy that a diesel trackless train can resume work immediately by refueling in the absence of oil. All you have to do is put oil in the tank when the train is out of fuel to keep it working.

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