Amusement park track trains, with the development of tourism and the internet, have also become a more popular recreation facility. Some businessmen have already made use of its charming picture features combined with the scenery and the Internet of the time to attract more tourists. At the same time, the competitiveness among manufacturers of small trains has also become tenser and tenser. Today, our little train has upgraded the seats to soft and comfortable imitation leather seats. The braking system adopts safe and stable air brakes, eye-catching LED color-changing lights, and even some after-sale services. However, it’s totally up to you.


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What are the differences between an amusement park track train and a trackless train?

There are many differences between tracked trains and trackless trains. However, whether it is a tracked sightseeing train or a trackless train driver, it is necessary to have a special equipment operation certificate to drive. What do you know about their differences?



How to buy a track train for an amusement park?

This question needs to be considered from several angles. First of all, the size of your parks must be considered. Only when the size of your park is known can our small track park train with a more suitable size be selected.

  • Firstly, it’s important to assess the park’s terrain and identify suitable import and export sites.
  • Secondly,  it’s important to consider the feedback from park visitors and the local weather conditions, or air conditioning, accordingly.
  • Thirdly, the brand of the track train is also significant.
  • Fourthly, our train manufacturers can not only guarantee the quality of the train but also guarantee after-sales service.

It’s not unheard of for amusement equipment to malfunction in the past two years. If these two aspects of the amusement facilities cannot be guaranteed, it will have immeasurable and serious consequences in the future.

Is the design style of the out track amusement park train important?

Yes, it is very important. Different tourist attractions should be matched with different design styles. Only in this way will customers feel worthwhile. If your park is a children’s play park for children, we could, according to their hobbies, choose what kind of track train they like. For example, animal themes, cartoon themes, and nursery rhymes are essential. Only in this way can more children be attracted.

Amusement Park

If your amusement park train needs to pass through a maple forest, then a yellow or blue amusement track train coming will be more harmonious with the scene at that time. Furthermore, taking our Thomas special train, shuttling in the colorful sea of gorgeous and colorful flowers under the romantic sunset, the train will be integrated with the scenery, which is fascinating. However, considering the road conditions, if it is in such a dark place, the road conditions may be lacking. The jolt of trains without track will spoil the mood of visitors at the time.

What kind of audience is our amusement track train suitable for?

Don’t let your imagination be limited by the mall’s animal trains for kids. The size of our small trains can be customized by you. There are single seats, double seats, and even four-seat seats. And there are safety protection measures, and even seat belts. Moreover, safety nets between the compartments can be added. The seat is made of an imitation leather seat, which is soft and comfortable. Even the elderly can ride with confidence.

Crowd Suitable

In addition to children, adults, and the elderly, some special personnel can also ride with confidence. Because the seat of our small amusement park train is detachable, the car also installed a removable ramp made of steel plates.

What features of our amusement park track trains?

The most prominent feature of the amusement track park train ride is that it simulates a real train in appearance. They have the same shape and the same rail.


In addition, we will also provide some special services for the special person who can also ride with confidence. Because the seat of our small amusement park train is detachable, the car also installed a removable ramp made of steel plates. We feel that they need more care.


There are three industrial painting processes: the first paint color, the second color tone, the third color tone, and finally, entering the drying room to bake and fix the color. Its bright colors are not easy to fade because we will use high-quality fiberglass material.

Last but not least, there are both battery and diesel trains for you to choose from. However, its totally up to you.