The amusement pirate ship, as a kind of hot sale amusement facility of our company, always brings people’s infinite imagination, which is one of the reasons why it is attractive. In addition, this four big pillars supporting the boat, which are huge and mighty. And its huge body, are actually cute under the atmosphere change of LED lights. It uses the driving principle of a swing to swing at a high place and attract countless fans.


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Is our pirate ship-style design monotonous?

No, not monotonous. There are many design styles of our pirate ship on different occasions, whether it is their color matching or shape design. It means that you will see different appearances on the beach, in parks, or famous tourist attractions. And these pirate ships will change the color LED light.


you can change the size of our amusement ride of the pillars according to the size of the pirate ship. There is usually a fence around the outside of the column to prevent people. Moreover, there will have a design on the tops of the two sides of the pillars. Sometimes with the head of a pirate, a sun, or a smiling face. And we even design it as the head of Santa Claus according to the customs of the client’s country.

Appearance of the pirate hull

Some pirate hulls are classic traditional wooden colors to attract children. And we will also design it as fantasy with snowflake patterns in Dark blue, or the color of the standard beach color sand. We will add dragon head decorations and cannon decorations to make our pirate ship more vivid and add the form of waves to the two ends of the hull. In addition, the bow of the pirate ship has animal decorations specially designed for children.

In addition, in order to get rid of the monotony of the fence, we also designed the fence into a wave style. And we will also added some special patterns on it, such as pirate hats, knives, and even logos.

Where can our amusement kiddie pirate ship be used?

We can design our pirate ships in different styles for different people according to different sizes and different scenes. Such as indoor or outdoor, beach or park, etc.

When the boat slowly starts to move towards a 30-degree swing angle, the stimulation and pressure brought by the original huge physique will be almost offset by the safety of the pressure bump. Furthermore, the scenery from that angle gradually disappeared as the pirate ship stopped slowly, which made some people feel disappointed. Maybe, it is probably the reasons why it has been yearned for by many fans and children.

How does our pirate ship driven and stopped?

Have you ever wondered how a playground hot sale amusement pirate ship rocks? How did it stop? I don’t think you can really understand this by going to the playground and taking a pirate ship once, because for the sake of the beauty of the pirate ship and the safety of the guests, we will wrap the pirate ship in a beautiful and high-quality coat, but this also makes it difficult for you to deeply understand our Pirate Ship. The bottom of the Corsair has two core parts, one that keeps it going and one that keeps the Corsair safely stopped when it needs to be stopped.


The core part that drives the hull of a hot sale amusement pirate ship is disguised to be almost the same as the wheels on a normal car, so let’s call it the big wheel today.

The big wheel functions like a swing when plugged into a power source. Its big wheels will touch the hull under the push of the Cylinder , just like a person pushing someone on the swing with their hands to keep the most safety distance from the people on the swing, which can protect the people on the swing to go safely. When the amusement pirate ship hull returns, the big wheel assists again, giving the pirate ship more power, and at the same time making it move forward at a faster speed under the traction of inertia until the power reaches the maximum. That’s how it works.

Pirate Ship with Sea Wave
Pirate Ship with Sea Wave

Pirate Ship with Sea Wave

Steam Brake of Pirate Ship
Steam Brake of Pirate Ship

Steam Brake of Pirate Ship

Stop measure

To prevent the amusement kids’ pirate ship from slamming on the brakes when it stops, and even the wheels rub unnecessary sparks with the hull, we installed small wheels that rotate in reverse at one end of the pirate ship. The small wheels and the large wheels cooperate very tacitly. Because while this wheel is running, the big wheel will go straight home to rest. But how can a small wheel solve the trouble a big wheel creates? So we found a helper that can fight side by side with small wheels, and brakes with big springs. The two of them worked together to accomplish their mission.

There are many attractive places installed on our online amusement pirate ships. Not only can we guarantee its design styles, but also we can satisfy you with the quality, transportation, and after-sales of pirate ships. If you would like to know more knowledge of our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.