Factory Price Ride-on Track Train for Sale is factory price, and we are the amusement rides manufacturer and we sell our product without middlemen. Although the price is low, the quality of the product ranks as one of the best in China. We carefully detect every step of our making the train. And we also support customization if you have any special needs. In addition, tourists can use our trains to different places. And of course, tourists can experience different ways of entertainment from different angles.


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Where are our ride-on track trains for sale suitable?

Our cost-effective rail-riding train is very popular in foreign countries. Its shape is very unique. It is not the traditional horse-drawn carriage style, but it is convenient to sit on it directly like a horse. It is the very widespread use of our train in parks, farms, scenic spots, and even backyards. Let people experience the romance of riding a small train.

In the park

If you would like to take on our cost-effective ride on the rail train in the park, you can build it in a park where the flowers form a flower sea, because the rail train rides are all open, and the height of the carriage is not very high. If people take our rail riding train in the breeze, wandering in the sea of flowers must be in line with the romantic atmosphere in people’s hearts.

In tourist destination

If there are a lot of water or mountains in the scenic area, you can build a track belonging for riding a train on the water or the hillside. This can make passengers experience a different air journey and feel the thrill of slowly being on the water.  Moreover, you can make them as a scenic line to broaden the vision of passengers, and can also be used as photo material.

Why are our ride-on-track trains for sale so good at such a low price?

Our rail-riding trains are manufactured in our factory workshop. So when you buy our amusement equipment, there will be no middleman between us. We will sell it to you at our factory price. The price of our train is very low. We will still strictly screen every step of the material selection and production process of our equipment according to international standards.

Transportation cost

We, in addition, have reached long-term cooperation with transportation companies, whose professionalism has become very mature after years of precipitation. Moreover, our transportation costs are more favorable compared with other transportation companies. That is very suitable for long-distance transportation. So the overall price of our trains will be more mature.

How about the quality of our factory-price riding rail trains?

Although the price of our rail train is the factory price, compared with other companies’ train prices are cheaper, we do not relax in the quality.

Material quality

What about the aftermarket for the rail ride trains we sell?

Our rail riding trains are mainly sold abroad, if you want to buy our rail riding trains then we will use our transport team to help you transport over. And if any product is damaged during transportation, we can help you replace it free of charge. In addition, we will design drawings for you in advance and send you installation videos. If you still cannot solve the installation problem of your train, we will ask professionals to help you with the installation.

After-sale services

If in the future use process, you buy our products for non-human damage we can also free maintenance or even replacement of new products. A good company should not only be in place in terms of sales but also in terms of service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about our product after-sales problems.

Will factory-price affect our gift of some equipment?

Absolutely not. The additional equipment presented represents our sincerity. We will give it to you no matter whether the price is reduced or not.

Some essential free equipment

Some essential equipment must be included. Such as a horn for a traffic warning, a copper bell, electric horns, and combined headlights, as well as a dummy smoke system for a replica of a vintage train, and the sleepers of your choice. For the frontal rail of the train, we will also have a fishtail splint, track splint, and other accessories

Another equipment choice

There are also products that you need to decide whether or not to install. For example, the sunscreen ceiling, and whether the appearance of the train needs to be modified or the color of the train body can be customized freely. If you buy a battery-driven automatic transmission system, you should choose lithium batteries or colloid batteries, etc.

Other questions:

1, How many cars do we usually have on a riding rail ride for sale?

—Our riding rail train usually has four carriages.

2, What is the range of our battery track riding trains?

—It usually lasts about 8-10 hours with a full load of passengers.

3, What is the top speed of our factory price electric rail train we sell?

—The maximum speed cannot exceed 7 km per hour.