The mini-size trackless train has a great number of benefits for you as an amusement ride. In addition, We mainly design rail trains of this size with cute themes. But there is also no shortage of antique types of trains specially designed for special occasions. Small-sized trains designed specifically for the festival will increase the sense of festive division and attract more fans. At the same time, there will be an important holiday significance. The significance will not only bring you more revenue but also increase the relationship between customers. In addition, different automatic methods can be used on different occasions to attract different customers for you.


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What is a holiday-themed trackless train?

As the name suggests, the festival-themed trackless train is a theme style specially designed for some festivals. For example, Christmas, and Halloween, which are especially popular in Western countries, or Children’s Day.

Is speed important for the passenger?

The speed of the trackless small-size train has different influences on different ages. So if you’re going to buy one of our small-size trackless trains, you can rest assured about the speed of the train and you can adjust it at will. In addition, our track train uses air brakes, which is a kind of very safe equipment.

What do you know about electric or diesel trackless trains?

Both types of trains are different automatic ways of our train amusement equipment. These two types of trains are completely suitable for different occasions. For example, diesel track trains without trackless are more suitable for outdoor use because it is a little faster, but emit harmful gases. Battery trackless trains can be used both indoors and outdoors and will not emit harmful gases, but the speed will be slightly inferior to diesel trackless trains.

Electric mini-size amusement trackless train

This kind of train could not be better used in shopping malls. In addition to not worrying about speed, there is no need to worry about children being bored when shopping with their parents. Letting your child ride the train is an important way to solve the problem of children’s love of play. Clean air does not need to have health concerns.

In addition, movable, small-sized trackless trains do not take up a lot of space in the market. Moreover, there is no need to repair tracks. And there is also no need to buy materials used for track repair, which will be cutting a lot of costs for you.

Diesel mini-size amusement hot sale trackless train

This kind of hot sale diesel mini-size amusement trackless train has greater power. It is ideal for older kids or adults, if your playground has a place with a Q235 steel ramp, then the diesel small-size trackless train is undoubtedly the most suitable for you. The power of diesel trackless trains can reach up to 75 kW, and the speed can reach 25 km per hour.

Diesel vintage small-size trackless trains are very popular trains abroad because. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about the lack of power. Moreover, you only need to prepare diesel in advance, and then add fuel to it when there is no diesel fuel to continue to use normally.

Dinis, as an amusement equipment manufacturer, can provide various train themes to you. No matter what size a trackless train is, it is a breeze for us. Different sizes which are different in the capacity of every carriage, which can seat four people, twelve people, twenty or thirty-five people, and so on. In addition to these trackless trains, we also have rail train, Ferris wheel, pirate ship, bumper cars and other amusement equipment. If you are interested in these equipment, you can leave your contact information.