Rail train ride Quality increasingly prevails among tourists with the changing of our world, and times. However, if you want to have long-term development and reduce accidents during use. You must make the appearance of the product good-looking. In addition,  you must strictly require the material of the product. If you have high requirements in this area, then Dinis may be a good choice for you.


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What material is the track of our trains?

The track materials of our railway train ride are apart from high-quality national standard iron Q235 steel.  They also lie in high-quality sleepers, which are made of anti-corrosion wood, plastic, steel, or cement. Different sleepers have different prices and advantages.

Antiseptic wood material

The main reason for Antiseptic wood is it contains artificial chemical preservatives to ordinary wood. This kind of material can make it anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fungus-proof, insect-proof, mildew-proof, and waterproof. Anti-corrosion wood is very light, low cost, and easy to carry. If the track position moving is frequent, anti-corrosion wood is a good choice to choose anti-corrosion wood.

Sleepers of different materials have different prices. Concrete ties are the cheapest and steel ties are the most expensive. But they are closely related to the size of the track of your track train ride, so if you have any questions about the price, please feel free to contact us.

How can we guarantee the quality of our track hot sale train ride?

Materials selection

Dinis is an amusement facility manufacturing company that pays attention to product quality. It can be fully reflected in the selection of materials. Such as synthetic resin, steel, electric machinery as well as some other equipment.

In addition, to prevent the paint on the steel parts from peeling off after being exposed to wind and sun, we will sandblast them before painting. Sandblasting can not only effectively remove metal rust, glitch, and oxidation layer, but also beautify the paint surface and prolong its life.

We select our steel according to the national standard Q235. In addition, glass fiber-reinforced plastics are used in the production of our track trains. We also will carefully select glass filaments and 196 types of A resins, which are synthesized by ourselves. Our FRP can significantly reduce the gravity of the rail train, and also protect the track of the rail train. In addition, our 5mm FRP will not become soft easily and deformed after long-term storage like other FRP products.

Crack detection

For the crack detection for the process of our rail trains, we usually put them on the rails and the parts with steel on the front. 3 tools for flaw detection equipment. They are contrast enhancers, black oil magnetic suspensions, and magnetic particle detectors. Furthermore, we will precisely detect the different products’ positions through different detection methods and equipment.  For example, we use ultrasound to test the axles of trains, we use penetrant testing for 304 stainless steel seats, and naked-eye observation through a magnifying glass. Besides, we will strictly follow the quality assurance system, step by step from raw materials to every link, as well as quality control and inspection. In addition, every welder must have complete certificates.

How about our rail amusement train’s painting process?

There are also differences in the painting process of our rail train ride in different parts. For example, the painting method used in the parts with steel and the parts with FRP is different.


We consider that direct painting on steel parts will cause the paint surface to fall off easily after sun exposure or erosion by rain, wind, and sand, so we will now use sandblasting technology to overcome this fatal problem. Sandblasting can not only increase the adhesion of paint to steel, remove rust and burrs, but also enhance the tightness of metal.

paint surface

In addition, to increase the brightness of the paint surface, we also used plastic spraying for reprocessing. This seemingly superfluous operation enhances the lifespan of the paint surface, and at the same time makes the color of our rail trains more shiny and eye-catching.

In addition, for the FRP parts of the body, to make the color of the paint more uniform, we will first apply a 2K primer on both sides. Do you know why our car body color can always be so bright? The material of fiberglass is the basic material, and we will also use varnish to enhance its brightness and protect it at the same time.

The reason why Disney has been able to operate for 20 years is mainly to pay attention to product quality and operate with integrity. So you will not regret choosing us. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.