How About an Indoor Kiddie trackless Train?Do you have that question? It is not uncommon to see indoor trackless trains used in shopping malls or indoor amusement playgrounds. It gives you business value and can also be a form of entertainment for customers. In addition, these amusement rides can also save you a lot of money.


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They will bring appreciate value to you.

The ornamental and experiential properties of the trackless train enhance the train’s appeal to customers visually and perceptively. This way will indirectly increase the customers’ secondary consumption ability, thus bringing benefits to the shopping mall.

Various trackless train theme

We often use star characters or animals from cartoons as our train themes. Some of the most popular trains include blue and white clown trains and Christmas-themed rail trains featuring Santa Claus. In addition, the airport theme trackless train is also one important hot-selling product.

Appeal to more consumers

The variety of indoor children’s trackless trains will attract customers of all ages. The roof design makes the train look more gorgeous, even if you go outdoors, you don’t have to worry about customers will be in the sun or rain. If it is a trackless train with no ceiling, customers will have more opportunities to see or browse the selling points of the mall, which can greatly promote the consumption level of the mall.

The trackless indoor train is still a novelty in shopping malls today and has attracted many young customers. The indoor train without tracks in the Internet era are becoming more and more popular online, and this kind of publicity has become one of the ways to attract customers.

They will improve your playground’s commercial value as well.

The trackless indoor train is from the old track train gradually evolved. To increase its scope of application its track has evolved into the current trackless train, this type of train is sure to bring you great business opportunities.

Advertising advantage

Every train will be equipped with a voice explanation system, which you control. When the mall needs to hold certain activities, the trackless train can be a living billboard. At this point, you can use the train’s voice explanation system to give a brief promotion of your planned event while the basic information is played to the train guests.

As another recreation item

You can not only advertise on the trackless train but also do some relaxing things on the train. Such as eating and chatting on the train, and taking pictures. Besides, if there is an emergency in the shopping mall, such as someone suffering from a sudden illness, then the trackless train can be used as a means of transportation to bring convenience to customers.

 They have many benefits of indoor kiddie trackless training in playground

①They don’t have to build tracks.

②They don’t have to take up a lot of space

③They don’t have to worry the weather condition

④The trackless kiddie trains indoor playground are also fully functional.

Maybe you need to experience a trackless train to really understand trains. We will also recommend a suitable size and appreciation for your venue. In addition, we will provide you with many DIY projects, if you like, you can contact us by email.